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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Modern Sex Rules

The new century and the modern lifestyle brought new rules in the field of sexual relationships between men and women. Only a small number of men still adhere to the traditional rules that were applied in the past, although many women still have great expectations from their partners. Maybe it is time for all of us to forget how it used to be and revise the things that we are used to do. Times have changed whether we like that or not.

1.       Long sex doesn’t mean good sex
In the past people believed that the length of sex is the only thing that counts when it comes to quality sex - the longer – the better. Many men in the past were frustrated because of their inability because of their lack of endurance, but today they can relax. The new rules suggest that the most important thing is to have sex in which both partners enjoy no matter how long it lasts. In fact even a quickie can improve the sexual relationship, love and sexual pleasure of both partners. Besides that, there is only a small number of people who have time to arrange a romantic dinner and a bedroom with candles and rose petals on the floor. Of course, you can do this one in a while, but until then enjoy in fast sex.

2.       Anyone can make the move
The old rules suggest that the man should be the first to make a move, but this rule is long gone. There are no longer male-female division of tasks and actions. Women have long fought for their rights and emancipation, but some of them still expect men to approach them first and call them out on a date, pay dinner or let them know that they are interested. It is clear that women still want to be desirable and that men still need to put some effort to seduce them, but this is no longer a rule. Women need to be independent and this rule applies for intimate relationships too.

3.       Share your intimate thoughts with your partner
Decades ago, women kept their sexual fantasy in their heads and they even avoided sharing these fantasies with their best friends. Today, you can tell everything about these fantasies to your partner. In fact, this kind of conversation/confession can heat up the atmosphere in your bedroom and it will increase your self-confidence and intimacy. Sometimes we should treat our brain as a potential sex organ. Even certain stories and daydreaming about some sexy place or position can boost libido and spice up the things in your bedroom. Don’t feel ashamed to talk about your fantasies with your partner.

4.       Partners are equal in the sex act
The common belief that men are the main initiators of sexual intercourses is changed. Men are no longer viewed as leaders in the sex game. Being dominant is the right of every man and woman. This means both partners can initiate sex, change of sex position and add new elements in the sex game. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

The role of cardiovascular health in sexual health

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. It rejuvenates the body and lifts the spirit. It’s a fun and useful way to pass the time. It increases the average life span dramatically, and improves nearly every function of the human organism. However, not all aspects of exercise are so effective at the intention of achieving supreme vitality. Bear in mind though that even a couple of dozens of pushups weekly will make your health a lot better than it once was. But if you’re looking for the most effective way to increase your immune system naturally, and make every part of your organism to function better, then the best thing you can do is partake in cardiovascular exercise.

And studies consistently show this. How is this relevant to the subject at hand? Well, improved cardiovascular ability or health will easily translate to your horsepower in bed! If you practice cardiovascular exercise frequently, then you’ll begin to realize that you may be like a marathon runner in bed.  This will turn you into a young stud. See, cardiovascular exercise improves the heart’s power, and thus the blood flow is improved as well. And what makes the male/female sexual organs aroused? On a physical level – blood flow! Exercise is the best treatment for sexual dysfunction.

So you can see how cardiovascular exercise can improve your sexual life on a primal level. But the fact that your heart will have a lot more power from all the cardiovascular exercise will make you able to increase the duration of your sexual encounters. You’ll have enough power to please your partners, and thus your relationship will become stronger. What’s more, you’ll gain reputation among people as a person that’s good in bed, and that’s never a bad thing.

So, what can you do to utilize all the benefits of cardiovascular exercise to increase regular and sexual health? It’s easy, begin with cardiovascular exercise! According to the definition, any rhythmic activity that doesn’t make you run out of breath, for about no less than twenty minutes, is considered cardiovascular, or aerobic exercise. Aerobic is opposed to anaerobic, which means a shorter burst of highly intensive exercise.

There are many ways in which you can achieve the aforementioned twenty minutes of rhythmic activity. There are many sports that allow for just that, try soccer or competitive swimming. But either way, you needn’t be a professional sportsman in order to taste all the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. You can run for about twenty minutes, or ride a bike for twenty minutes, or swim casually for twenty minutes. The options are limited only by the imagination. The things you need to be aware about is that it’s a non-stop activity, the fact that you shouldn’t lose your breath, and the condition that in order for an exercise to be considered aerobic, then you need to do it for at least twenty minutes at a time.

This completes this article. We hope you’ll act out on this advice and begin enjoying your improved cardiovascular and sexual health as well.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Important Root Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Studies in several countries show that erectile dysfunction affects more than 100 million men worldwide. Despite this huge quantity, the patient with erection problems feels completely alone.

Man, due to socio-cultural context in which it was created, has difficulty in talking about their problem and especially with his own companion, before whom he feels diminished. With friends, in the same posture, the reply will certainly be of mockery and embarrassment. Fear and ashamed of their condition hinders these men to consult an expert.

3 Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
The causes of erectile dysfunction can be divided into three major groups:
·        Organic
·        Psychogenic
·        Mixed
It is important to emphasize that the erection disorders occur more frequently in as the individual ages, but are not due to only age. The fact can be explained when it is understood that various diseases that favor the onset of erectile dysfunction occur most frequently in people over age.

Organic Root Causes
Penile erection is a phenomenon dependent on various factors and involves the nervous, endocrine, vascular and tissue of the corpora cavernosa. Therefore, changes in any of these factors may contribute at least in part for erectile dysfunction.  

Injury or vascular disorders can impair the required blood circulation in the penis. The arterial occlusive disease of atherosclerotic or traumatic etiology of pelvic and penile vascular system decreases blood flow and substantially reduces penile erection.
Changes in the nerves lead to sexual stimulation to the penis. Diseases or conditions that affect the nervous system, such as alcoholism and diabetes mellitus can cause erectile dysfunction. In addition, spinal cord injuries, surgeries and pelvic radiotherapy destroy nerve fibres, a loss of erective function.

Changes in hormone production such as lowering blood level of testosterone (produced in the testes) leads to decreased interest in sexual activity. Anatomical and physiological changes in the corpus cavernosum, preventing them from adequately dilate to promote erection. The corpora cavernosa are cylindrical structures, located in the body of the penis, which receive the blood and keep it under pressure, promote erection. 

Psychological Root Causes
This category is related to mechanism of action with the central inhibition of the erection process, emotionally based and without the participation of any organic component. 

Many emotional factors such as stress, anxiety, fear of failure, shame, family problems, financial problems, among others, may be responsible for erectile dysfunction, in varying degrees, including premature ejaculation problems. The preoccupation of the individual with sexual performance can also lead to erectile dysfunction. The man with ED is isolated with their problem.

The fear and the shame of failing again, eventually lead man to abstain from any sexual contact, leading him to a vicious cycle that slows down more and more the process of healing.

Mixed causes
It comprises a combination of organic and emotional factors. After going through successive failures when attempting intercourse, the feeling of inferiority experienced by the individual will cause a huge psychological impact. The vicious circle created makes it increasingly difficult the possibility to solve the problem alone. In the case of erection, ultimate expression of masculinity, related by the concepts of our society, the strength and power in its broadest sense is extremely rare in patient with an organic cause, whatever it is, does not end, also showing an emotional involvement.

Monday, November 24, 2014

What is the Relationship between Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease?

Erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease may be related, and one of the main explanations for this is the reason that leads to vascular problems which are the same that cause disruptions in the erection process. Understanding the relationship between these two conditions is essential to prevent more serious consequences, such as healthy heart failure, in the same way as the treatment of cardiovascular problems can thus help improve the quality of erections and allow a fulfilling and satisfactory sexual life.

What are the main cardiovascular problems that cause erectile dysfunction?

Atherosclerosis: Atherosclerosis is characterized by hardening of the arteries by the deposition of atheromatous plaques in their walls. The deposition of these plaques in the arteries hinders blood circulation, mainly in arteries of small penis, making it difficult to fill the corpus cavernosum of the penis during sexual stimulation. The erection process is so difficult, such as the circulation of blood through the remaining parts of the body. Atherosclerosis raises the risk of cardiovascular problems such as other aneurysm, stroke and peripheral artery disease.

Hypertension: Hypertension is characterized by excessive pressure on the artery walls which can ultimately lead to its damage. In the arteries of the penis in particular, hypertension can lead to these burst, preventing sufficient blood to reach the penis and thereby fail to achieve hard erection. On the other hand, some drugs used in the treatment of hypertension can lead to problems with erection. Among these drugs include beta-blockers and thiazides, although its effects at the level of erectile dysfunction do not affect all men who take them.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by cardiovascular disorders

Before treating erectile dysfunction specifically, a medical evaluation that would show that the problem of erectile dysfunction is related to heart disease must be made. After this finding, treatment can be administered to cardiovascular problems. If your doctor tells you and find it necessary, you may have to adopt a plan of treatment based only on changes in lifestyle, such as weight loss, exercise, diet among others. The treatment, whether or not using drug, not only improves cardiovascular problems and reduces the risk of more serious complications, but also improves the quality of your erections. In the case of this form of treatment is not sufficient, can be shown specific treatments for erectile dysfunction, which allow men to regain their sexual life.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to reach a simultaneous orgasm?

Simultaneous orgasm is rare for many couples. When it happens, it usually happens spontaneously, but it is good to know that if the partners put some effort they can reach an orgasm like that intentionally. Without any doubts it is good to experience such orgasm, because the excitement in both partners rises and ends at the same time but do not focus or force on this type of orgasm. Never force your orgasm on simultaneous orgasm because that can eliminate the sexual pleasure or it can create tense ambience and neither you nor your partner will each orgasm at all. In many cases like that women fake orgasm only to end the agony. You should rather let the course of events and try to soak up every moment of your sexual act without worrying how it will end. In addition, relaxation is usually the key to experiencing simultaneous orgasm.

Simultaneous orgasm can happen when sex partners are familiar with each other’s needs and physical predispositions and know how their partner will react to certain stimulation, arousal, position and penetration. It is a well known fact that women need more time to experience intense orgasm. When the man Is very excited this difference is even greater. You also need to know your own body very well and to know which position gives you maximum pleasure and which position is the best to reach orgasm. When you sync with your partner, you will know how to increase or reduce the level of excitement until you reach the orgasmic peak together.

Most men can reach orgasm in a relatively short period of time. When they want to wait for their partner, they try to do everything they can in order to prevent premature ejaculation. If you are a man and you have trouble with postponing your ejaculation you should know that there is an ancient technique called Jen Mo that can help you. This is actually a certain spot on your body located between the anus and the testicles. With gentle pressure on this spot you can stop the ejaculation. When you feel that you are close to an ejaculation simply use two or three fingers to press this spot. You will instantly feel relaxed and you will avoid ejaculation. The good news is that the strong erection will remain on the same level. You can also ask your partner to press this spot too.  

You can also use another method to stop premature ejaculation but this method will require assistance from your partner. When you are near reaching orgasm ask your partner to use her index finger under the glans penis and the thumb on top of the same spot. With a firm grip that lasts for around 20 seconds you will avoid ejaculation. When the euphoric feeling is gone, she should remove her fingers from the penis and you can continue having sex. This method will make your partner feel that she is in control which will surely make her more aroused. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

How Korean Red Ginseng Can Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction

Many men experience symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), also called impotence, especially as they age. An occasional inability is nothing to be worried about. But when ED happens often, there may be an inherent health problem inducing the state that will require treatment.

While it may be embarrassing to talk by means of your physician about sexual dysfunction, ED is a significant health problem to address. Lifestyle changes, medicines, and alternative or natural treatments all really can help restore normal sexual function.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction
Impotence problems could result from emotional issues, but in most instances there's a physical cause, for example heart disease, nerve damage, or diabetes that's causing ED. Lifestyle changes, like slimming down, exercising, and giving up alcohol and smoking, could help with ED.

Oral drugs are usually successful if lifestyle changes are insufficient to relieve symptoms. Injections of drugs are another alternative. Specific herbal sexual enhancer may help in case you want natural treatments. Constantly confer with your doctor prior to taking any type of nutritional supplement.

Korean Red Ginseng
It's well known by a number of different names including panax ginseng, Chinese ginseng, or Asian ginseng. Korean red ginseng shouldn't be confused with American ginseng or Siberian ginseng, which are plants that were distinct.

The ginseng root is the element of the plant utilized as an all-natural treatment in supplement form. The root is known as white ginseng when it is dried but unprocessed.

Conventional Uses of Red Ginseng
It's considered enhance heart health to enhance the immune system, treat diabetes, increase energy, decrease anxiety, and treat impotent.

The root was said to resemble your body, with shoots for legs and the arms, also it's regarded as the motive that traditional herbalists considered ginseng for your body as a treatment.

Red Ginseng for ED
In study 45 men who had received analyses were given either a placebo or Korean red ginseng. 900 milligrams, three times daily, were taken by the guys for eight weeks. The researchers reasoned that red ginseng may act as a powerful substitute treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Ginseng for girls
Many girls experience a decrease in sexual functioning. In the study, 32 girls were given either a placebo, or three capsules a day of ginseng. Sexual functioning because of this had improved and experienced no adverse unwanted effects. The researchers concluded that red ginseng can be utilized by girls as a nutritional supplement to enhance sexual prowess.

Ginseng Nutritional Supplements
Ginseng nutritional supplements come in various types. Make sure that the form of ginseng is plainly marked when buying Ginseng nutritional supplements. While both red and white ginseng is sold, research continues to be mainly conducted on the red one.

Red ginseng can be found by you in powders, liquid extracts, and capsules. You might also have the ability to get the dried root, which may be expressed in boiling water to create a tea. Make sure you speak with your physician regarding the correct dosage for you personally and never take over recommended.

Drug Interactions
A reasonable threat is that red ginseng could restrict specific drugs. Be sure to speak with your doctor should you take these drugs before taking red ginseng:
·        - blood pressure medication
·        - blood thinner medicine
·        - a stimulant
·        - Insulin

You also need to prevent joining caffeine and ginseng, as the results can be enhanced by the nutritional supplement.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Maintain Hard Erection

A famous Doctor loves reminding his patients that no penis is an Island. Were it an island, you would be tempted to regard it as a hot spot perhaps in the Caribbean-Calm and tranquility at day time, but an activity filled night time since it would sum up as the destination of continuous rotation of half-naked coeds…

If we were to go back to geography class, it is wise to conclude that your penis is an extension of the body which shares a supply of oxygen, blood as well as a host of nutrients together with the rest of your organs in the body.

It further goes to mean that when a natural disaster hits the mainland, your penis will be affected since it is a protruding landmass. Erectile dysfunction is an early diagnosis warning sign that you can use ED as a means of predicting a heart attack by decades.

Medical practitioners suggest that erectile dysfunction results from damaged smaller arteries in the penis by cardiovascular diseases. This means that unfortunately, Viagra, Levitra and Cialis just mask the problem instead of fixing it.

The most important thing to maintain hard erection is to take adequate steps that will help you safeguard your sex life and you will never see the need of popping Viagra or any other type of aid to help you with your erections.

Many doctors always advice their patients to go natural. Below are some of the natural things you can do to improve your erections naturally…

Blackberry Jam Spread: seems unorthodox yes? Well relax as hear what medics have to say; dark fruits such as blackberries, elder berries and bilberries all carry high levels of ultra-powerful, anthocyanin antioxidants which have the ability of acting as an erection insurance.

Be Advised: The ability of your penis to rise to accession is dependent on the availability of nitric oxide; this is a blood-vessel-dilating chemical. After the attack of free radicals in your penis the levels of nitric oxide subsides. The aim of anthocyanin is to attack these free radicals.

Quite Smoking: The more you light up a cigarette, the higher the chances that you increase your risk of heart disease, bladder cancer, and stroke and lung cancer. Smoking leads to arterial damage tripling a man’s erectile dysfunction.

Put that cigarette down, do a lot of exercises and eat a healthy diet to maintain hard erections.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Getting Rid Of ED and Maintaining Hard Erection

The art of making love is when as a man you are in a position of giving your woman great sexual pleasure seeing to it that she has an orgasm at-least twice every session. Now that we have that out of the way, it is also important for you as a man that you achieve sexual climax as well to crown the session.

Unfortunately, over 60% of men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). This means that they are unable to satisfy their partners since they ejaculate before or after entering the vagina.
To help you get rid of the soft erection and premature ejaculation, we have lined up two mind blowing tricks that will help you get rid of premature ejaculation and maintain hard erection

Prolong the Staying Power
Well over 90% of men reach orgasm before their lady sexual partners achieve their orgasm. But this doesn’t have to be so as a man, you have the ability of holding back your own climax to a point where your lovely lady reaches her orgasm and also build up to a stronger, harder and pleasurable orgasm yourself. Here are the idea soft erection treatment processes…

·         You should refrain from paying too much attention to sensations that envelop your genitalia as you enjoy the love making session.

·         Instead lay focus on the way pleasure feels and how it is surging all through your body.
·         The instance you sense that you are about to reach an orgasm, stop pumping for a moment and start thrusting slowly

To make sure that you get back on point, switch to pleasuring your lady friend orally. This is an act all women love and one that will allow you to breath in, relax and lower your arousal to a point where you can start thrusting again. Repeat this process until when you believe that you want to have your orgasm.

Hold in Your orgasm

The point you reach ejaculation, you will start feeling involuntary contractions in the pelvis area. Before this point occurs, it is wise to start squeezing the PC muscles and do your best to hold in ejaculation so long as you can.

The PC muscle doubles up as the same muscle that disrupts the flow of urine. After having achieved an orgasm, hold it back intentionally. This act will help you enjoy extreme pleasure when you release it finally.

TIP: Mastering the two tips is the best soft erection treatment you will ever need.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetic Men

Erectile dysfunction is more prevalent in diabetic men than in men who do not suffer from this condition. So to know how to treat erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes successfully, it is essential for man to regain his sex life, without jeopardizing the health.

For diabetic men, the assertion between their medications and possible treatments for erectile dysfunction is one of the main factors to take into account while curing it.
Important tips to follow for diabetic men to cure erectile dysfunction:

1. Seek the help of your partner:
This advice is crucial for diabetics or men without this condition. Opening with a partner will allow the man feel more confident to seek medical help and therefore follow a successful treatment.

2. Check with an Endocrinologist:
An endocrinologist or your family doctor is the best people to advice on the impact that diabetes can have on erectile dysfunction. Due to the effect that diabetes has the bloodstream making the arrival of the blood vessels, mainly at the extremities of the body; the ability to erection is also affected by lack of sufficient blood supply to the penis.

3. Control diabetes:
Reducing the levels of blood sugar, either with lifestyle changes or with the aid of medication is the main step to treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by this condition.

4. Do exercise:
Physical exercise along with a balanced diet reduces levels of blood sugar effectively. The effects of exercise and nutrition are so beneficial that many patients with type 2 diabetes can dispense the medication for this condition.

5. Make screening for other conditions:
It is common for diabetic patients suffering from other health problems, for example, hypertension or high cholesterol. Such as diabetes, these conditions are strongly associated with lifestyle and contribute greatly to the deterioration of erection problems.

6. Follow a treatment for erectile dysfunction:
If changes to the lifestyle or the use of medication to control diabetes are not enough, get advice from your doctor about a treatment for erectile dysfunction. A simple and safe medication which suits the majority of patients is especially recommended for patients with diabetes because of the security of their active ingredient.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Soft Erection Problem

Popularly called sexual impotence, soft erection problem affects about 155 million men worldwide and is considered the most frequent among men. It is more common in men above the age of 40, but can appear at any age. Erectile dysfunction is considered only when a man is unable to ejaculate or have a soft erection which is not satisfactory for sexual intercourse. It can occur even when the desire for orgasm remains.

How erection occurs?
When a man receives sexual stimuli, the brain sends a chemical signal to the nerves of the penis. These nerves originate a chemical to be released from the blood vessels of the organ that makes two large chambers of the penis fill with blood. This stimulation causes relaxation of the muscles in the penis and increases blood flow to the same, promoting erection.

The erection depends on blood flow to the penis, so anything that affects, also ends up affecting the ability to obtain and maintain hard erection. Inadequate blood flow is the main cause of erectile dysfunction.
When men get older, the blood vessels and capillaries in the penis decrease in size and in some cases even disappears, causing a loss of sexual desire and erection problems.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction:

The causes of erectile dysfunction can commonly be categorized as organic or psychological.
About 70% of men have erectile dysfunction due to anxiety or fear of failing again. The lack of ejaculatory control is another factor that contributes, since fear of ejaculating before satisfying his partner causes often end up failing due to anxiety during intercourse. The everyday stress can also affect it. It can manifest itself in various ways, such as premature or delayed ejaculation, painful ejaculation and impotence itself.

Due to the arteries and veins are critical to achieve and maintain an erection, any disease or disorder that alters blood flow passing through them can cause erectile dysfunction. 35 to 50% of diabetics suffer from the problem. That's because diabetes causes vascular and nerve damage, both influencing the ability of erection disorder.

Other factors that may cause the remaining 30% of affected:
Kidney disease, chronic alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, vascular disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (excess fat or lipids in the blood), hypogonadism (reduced activity of the reproductive glands), endocrine disorders, smoking, anemia, trauma or injury to the pelvis or spinal cord, heart disease, Peyronie's disease (a painful curvature of the penis which prevents the penetration), the erectile tissue of the penis disease, vascular surgery, colon or prostate cancer and depression, drugs such as marijuana (can cause sterility), alcohol , cigarettes, heroin, cocaine, barbiturates and antidepressants.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction:
• Reducing the size and penile rigidity;
• Inability to obtain and maintain an erection;
• Reduction of body hair;
• Testicular atrophy or absence;
• Dick deformed;
• Peripheral vascular disease;
• Neuropathy (disorder of the nervous system functions).

The treatment for erectile dysfunction will depend greatly on the cause of its onset, the disease that is caused or specifically the dysfunction. Among the many features that can be used are psychotherapy, hormone replacement after the 45-year-old self-injection, implant, gels and creams, oral medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and stiffening by suction.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Defining Insatiable Sex Drive

Many people are wondering if they are all right because they constantly feel need for sex and they get an erection every time a woman touches them.

Is having sex more than once a day considered being “normal”?
Many people are afraid that they have become sex addicts if they practice sex several times a day. In most cases this is not true especially if you are having sex with the same partner that you really love and a partner that attracts you like no other before. This is not a case of addiction. This is what experts in this field call fatal attraction, love and desire for sex with the person you simply adore. Therefore, you don’t need to visit a clinic for treatment from addiction to sex. This is something completely normal and right. Just think about it – is there anything wrong with the fact that you want to have sex with your attractive partner every day even several times a day? Is there something wrong with your sexual desire to enjoy your partner in the morning and in the evening?

Is it not normal to explore and enjoy each other’s bodies every day? 
Of course, none of these things are abnormal. In fact, it is wrong to think about sex once a week or even once a month. As long as you feel the need to have sex every day or every other day and as long as you think at least a couple of times during the day about having sex with your partner everything is fine and you don’t have to be worried about anything. These are typical reactions and behavior for a man who is in love with a woman that attracts him both emotionally and physically. According to many experts, these fears that you are doing something wrong and out of the ordinary are exaggerated and completely unnecessary. Give yourself a break and have sex as many times as you want especially if you are in the beginning of your relationship.

Are women who want more orgasms nymphomaniacs?
If your female partner loves sex as much as you do, don’t worry and be happy. Look at this as a sign of confirmation that she loves you and she wants you. Labeling your new partner as nymphomaniac just because she wants to have sex with you every day is totally wrong. If she is wild in the bed with you it doesn’t mean that she could be wild with other men too. Think about this as a compliment. If your partner wants more than one orgasm make an effort and help her achieve two or three orgasms. Remember that you don’t always have to use your penis in order to make her achieve intense orgasm!

In the past people believed that masturbation is dangerous and wrong but those days are gone. Never feel angry if you find out that your partner is masturbating. There are periods in our life when we don’t want to think about sex and our partners have their own needs. Masturbation is the best way to satisfy these needs. 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Having Safe Sex avoid sexually transmitted diseases

When you are having sex, protection is vital. It is important to know that protection against sexually transmitted diseases and safe birth control methods are different matters. For birth control, you should use chemical contraceptives, because these methods have lower failure rates than barrier methods. However, chemical contraceptives do not protect you from diseases. It would be best if you used a combination of the two. When you use chemical contraceptives and you should take antibiotics or any other medicine, you should ask your gynecologist whether the other medicines can alter the effectiveness of your birth control method. When you use condom to prevent sexually transmitted diseases STDs, be careful with lubricants. Oil based lubricants can damage condoms. Select water-based or silicone-based lubricants. You should also consider that male condoms are safer than female condoms.

Everybody knows that having unprotected sex means that you are putting your health at risk. You may expose yourself to several diseases: chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, herpes, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus, the virus that causes AIDS), human papilloma virus (which can lead to some cancers), pelvic inflammatory disease, syphilis, trichomoniasis.

Using condoms makes vaginal and anal sex safer. Some might believe that one does not have to use protection when they only have oral sex. It is not true, there can be tiny wounds in the mouth (probably coming from brushing teeth) and body fluids can get into the blood stream. Unprotected oral sex is not safe. You are at risk of getting gonorrhea, HPV, hepatitis B, and herpes, even HIV. You may use a dental dam – a thin pieces of latex –, placing it on the genital area when a sexual partner uses their tongue on it. Its specific, FDA-approved version is a Sheer Glyde dam.

Sex play without penetration is safer than any protected intercourse, but it still has some risk of getting HPV or herpes.

Be careful with unprotected sex, even if you live in a stable relationship. Probably your long-time partner does not know about a minor STD they happen to have, or probably they do not admit that they STDs or other, short-term sexual relationships.

Using sex toys is also relatively safe, provided you clean them from your body fluids after use so that to get rid of bacteria. Clean your sex toys very thoroughly if your partner also uses them, otherwise the toys are just as risky as a real partner. You can use a condom on your sex toys.

Never use any breakable product – like glass – on yourself or your partner!

Safe sex also includes having a partner whom you can more or less trust and who will not use your trust against you. Your partner is supposed to respect your limits, they care about your well-being and health, and, in case they have multiple partners, they use protection and get tested for STDs.

You can get condoms or dental dams or sex toys at pharmacies, grocery stores, Planned Parenthood heath centers and sex shops. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Impotence and Your Relationship

It is no longer a secret that an increasing number of men continue to be diagnosed as being impotent. What is worrying is the fact that unlike in the past when the problem was largely restricted to older men, many young men who are still sexually active find themselves in the same situation. Unlike in older men who may suffer impotence for various reasons that are old age related, the cause of the problem in young men relates to poor lifestyle including poor diet.

At times referred to as erectile dysfunction (ED), impotence can wreck havoc in your relationship especially if your partner is not cooperative and willing to help. The secret to maintaining your relationship even though you have been diagnosed as having erectile dysfunction lies in addressing the topic with your partner. The trouble with most men diagnosed with the problem is that they keep it to themselves not realizing that their partners will eventually find out what they go through. Although it is appreciated that talking about ED can be very embarrassing, sex experts indicate that doing so is the only effective way of maintaining a healthy relationship and to a large extent a healthy sex life.

There is no doubt that what you go through once you are diagnosed as being impotent is not limited to the physical condition. You are most likely to suffer both emotional and psychological stress. Your masculinity, self-esteem and confidence will no doubt take a deep. Although you are most likely to get help from a medical practitioner, talking about your new condition turns out to be the most effective way of managing resultant stress.

Being diagnosed as being impotent does not in any way mean end of your sex life. You can indeed continue having a healthy sex life. However, this is only possible if you and your partner discuss the problem together with the aim of finding the best mutual way of engaging in satisfactory sex. Sex experts recommend that you and your partner stop thinking about the problem whenever you want to engage in lovemaking. This is particular true for you as the man. You need to shift your mind from your penis to pleasure. You actually need to remember that you are not your penis. Your penis is just part of you.

The other thing you may need to realize is that a lot of men suffering from erectile dysfunction even though they have not been diagnosed as having the problem and you are not alone. Indeed there are men who suffer from ED without their knowledge. It is a fact that almost all men have some form of ED and every man knows how to deal with his sexual problem. You too will no doubt find the best way of dealing with yours, depending on the cause.

One thing you cannot attempt to do after being diagnosed as being impotent is to look for alternative treatment methods. There are indeed many men who after being diagnosed with the problem and put under a treatment regime resort to use of other alternative remedies that promise quick fix. It is always very important that you stick to your treatment regime even if it is bound to last long. Resorting to use of other alternative treatment regimes can simply worsen your condition.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Is It Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

It's strange that there's always a lot of talk about sex in general, but there's far less talk about the topic of having sex during pregnancy, maybe cause expectant mother's aren't typically connected to sexuality because they've attained a kind of divine level because of the child they're carrying. The truth is that most parents to be have a lot of questions regarding the safety of sex and what's considered normal and comfortable during pregnancy. The good news is that there's no reason to change your sex life unless your OB/GYN has advised you you to. Following are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding sex during pregnancy.

Will intercourse or having an orgasm during pregnancy hurt my baby?
The answer is no unless you have a medical issue that can cause problems because the baby is nestled safe and sound in the womb by the amniotic fluid that surrounds it. If you have a history of miscarriages, your physician may recommend that you abstain from sex early in pregnancy. In addition, sex may also be restricted if you have complications during pregnancy that may include bleeding or pre-term labor. If you have any doubts, have your doctor clarify what he means by "restrictions" if applicable.

Will my sex drive change during pregnancy?
In most cases yes and the changes vary from person to person. Changing hormones cause some women to lose interest in sex while pregnant while others experience an elevated sex drive. Some women lose interest in sex during the first trimester because they're uncomfortable and exhausted, while other's sexual desire remain the same as they were before getting pregnant.

I can't imagine making sex comfortable during pregnancy. Is it possible?
Yes it is if you play attention to your body. As your pregnancy progresses, you'll probably need to change to more comfortable sexual position. Most pregnant women feel nauseated and dizzy when they lay on their back after the fourth month of pregnancy, caused by the weight of the expanding uterus pushing on major blood vessels. During sex, you shouldn't feel pain, but a water based lubricant can be used to make things easier. If your intense orgasm contractions are painful, let your doctor know right away. If you experience heavy vaginal bleeding or your water breaks, call your physician immediately. It's important to note that once the water breaks, nothing should enter the vagina.

Having sex is the last thing I want to do at this point in my pregnancy? How can I keep my partner happy?
If you're not in the mood for sex, or your physician has restricted your sexual activity, you should still make time to be intimate with your partner; by intimate we don't mean that you have to have sex. You can express love and affection in several ways and it's important to do so, reminding yourselves of the special bond that led to having a baby. Set aside some one on one time, give each other a soothing back rub, enjoy a romantic candle light dinner together, take a nice walk, all great ways to nurture the love you share, along with some understanding of what the two of you are going through.

During this very important time in your life, it's more important than ever to talk to each other about sex during pregnancy and how you both feel about it. Communicating during pregnancy will help you both better understand your feelings and desires.