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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to reach a simultaneous orgasm?

Simultaneous orgasm is rare for many couples. When it happens, it usually happens spontaneously, but it is good to know that if the partners put some effort they can reach an orgasm like that intentionally. Without any doubts it is good to experience such orgasm, because the excitement in both partners rises and ends at the same time but do not focus or force on this type of orgasm. Never force your orgasm on simultaneous orgasm because that can eliminate the sexual pleasure or it can create tense ambience and neither you nor your partner will each orgasm at all. In many cases like that women fake orgasm only to end the agony. You should rather let the course of events and try to soak up every moment of your sexual act without worrying how it will end. In addition, relaxation is usually the key to experiencing simultaneous orgasm.

Simultaneous orgasm can happen when sex partners are familiar with each other’s needs and physical predispositions and know how their partner will react to certain stimulation, arousal, position and penetration. It is a well known fact that women need more time to experience intense orgasm. When the man Is very excited this difference is even greater. You also need to know your own body very well and to know which position gives you maximum pleasure and which position is the best to reach orgasm. When you sync with your partner, you will know how to increase or reduce the level of excitement until you reach the orgasmic peak together.

Most men can reach orgasm in a relatively short period of time. When they want to wait for their partner, they try to do everything they can in order to prevent premature ejaculation. If you are a man and you have trouble with postponing your ejaculation you should know that there is an ancient technique called Jen Mo that can help you. This is actually a certain spot on your body located between the anus and the testicles. With gentle pressure on this spot you can stop the ejaculation. When you feel that you are close to an ejaculation simply use two or three fingers to press this spot. You will instantly feel relaxed and you will avoid ejaculation. The good news is that the strong erection will remain on the same level. You can also ask your partner to press this spot too.  

You can also use another method to stop premature ejaculation but this method will require assistance from your partner. When you are near reaching orgasm ask your partner to use her index finger under the glans penis and the thumb on top of the same spot. With a firm grip that lasts for around 20 seconds you will avoid ejaculation. When the euphoric feeling is gone, she should remove her fingers from the penis and you can continue having sex. This method will make your partner feel that she is in control which will surely make her more aroused. 

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