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Monday, November 24, 2014

What is the Relationship between Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease?

Erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease may be related, and one of the main explanations for this is the reason that leads to vascular problems which are the same that cause disruptions in the erection process. Understanding the relationship between these two conditions is essential to prevent more serious consequences, such as healthy heart failure, in the same way as the treatment of cardiovascular problems can thus help improve the quality of erections and allow a fulfilling and satisfactory sexual life.

What are the main cardiovascular problems that cause erectile dysfunction?

Atherosclerosis: Atherosclerosis is characterized by hardening of the arteries by the deposition of atheromatous plaques in their walls. The deposition of these plaques in the arteries hinders blood circulation, mainly in arteries of small penis, making it difficult to fill the corpus cavernosum of the penis during sexual stimulation. The erection process is so difficult, such as the circulation of blood through the remaining parts of the body. Atherosclerosis raises the risk of cardiovascular problems such as other aneurysm, stroke and peripheral artery disease.

Hypertension: Hypertension is characterized by excessive pressure on the artery walls which can ultimately lead to its damage. In the arteries of the penis in particular, hypertension can lead to these burst, preventing sufficient blood to reach the penis and thereby fail to achieve hard erection. On the other hand, some drugs used in the treatment of hypertension can lead to problems with erection. Among these drugs include beta-blockers and thiazides, although its effects at the level of erectile dysfunction do not affect all men who take them.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by cardiovascular disorders

Before treating erectile dysfunction specifically, a medical evaluation that would show that the problem of erectile dysfunction is related to heart disease must be made. After this finding, treatment can be administered to cardiovascular problems. If your doctor tells you and find it necessary, you may have to adopt a plan of treatment based only on changes in lifestyle, such as weight loss, exercise, diet among others. The treatment, whether or not using drug, not only improves cardiovascular problems and reduces the risk of more serious complications, but also improves the quality of your erections. In the case of this form of treatment is not sufficient, can be shown specific treatments for erectile dysfunction, which allow men to regain their sexual life.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to reach a simultaneous orgasm?

Simultaneous orgasm is rare for many couples. When it happens, it usually happens spontaneously, but it is good to know that if the partners put some effort they can reach an orgasm like that intentionally. Without any doubts it is good to experience such orgasm, because the excitement in both partners rises and ends at the same time but do not focus or force on this type of orgasm. Never force your orgasm on simultaneous orgasm because that can eliminate the sexual pleasure or it can create tense ambience and neither you nor your partner will each orgasm at all. In many cases like that women fake orgasm only to end the agony. You should rather let the course of events and try to soak up every moment of your sexual act without worrying how it will end. In addition, relaxation is usually the key to experiencing simultaneous orgasm.

Simultaneous orgasm can happen when sex partners are familiar with each other’s needs and physical predispositions and know how their partner will react to certain stimulation, arousal, position and penetration. It is a well known fact that women need more time to experience intense orgasm. When the man Is very excited this difference is even greater. You also need to know your own body very well and to know which position gives you maximum pleasure and which position is the best to reach orgasm. When you sync with your partner, you will know how to increase or reduce the level of excitement until you reach the orgasmic peak together.

Most men can reach orgasm in a relatively short period of time. When they want to wait for their partner, they try to do everything they can in order to prevent premature ejaculation. If you are a man and you have trouble with postponing your ejaculation you should know that there is an ancient technique called Jen Mo that can help you. This is actually a certain spot on your body located between the anus and the testicles. With gentle pressure on this spot you can stop the ejaculation. When you feel that you are close to an ejaculation simply use two or three fingers to press this spot. You will instantly feel relaxed and you will avoid ejaculation. The good news is that the strong erection will remain on the same level. You can also ask your partner to press this spot too.  

You can also use another method to stop premature ejaculation but this method will require assistance from your partner. When you are near reaching orgasm ask your partner to use her index finger under the glans penis and the thumb on top of the same spot. With a firm grip that lasts for around 20 seconds you will avoid ejaculation. When the euphoric feeling is gone, she should remove her fingers from the penis and you can continue having sex. This method will make your partner feel that she is in control which will surely make her more aroused. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

How Korean Red Ginseng Can Cure Your Erectile Dysfunction

Many men experience symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED), also called impotence, especially as they age. An occasional inability is nothing to be worried about. But when ED happens often, there may be an inherent health problem inducing the state that will require treatment.

While it may be embarrassing to talk by means of your physician about sexual dysfunction, ED is a significant health problem to address. Lifestyle changes, medicines, and alternative or natural treatments all really can help restore normal sexual function.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction
Impotence problems could result from emotional issues, but in most instances there's a physical cause, for example heart disease, nerve damage, or diabetes that's causing ED. Lifestyle changes, like slimming down, exercising, and giving up alcohol and smoking, could help with ED.

Oral drugs are usually successful if lifestyle changes are insufficient to relieve symptoms. Injections of drugs are another alternative. Specific herbal sexual enhancer may help in case you want natural treatments. Constantly confer with your doctor prior to taking any type of nutritional supplement.

Korean Red Ginseng
It's well known by a number of different names including panax ginseng, Chinese ginseng, or Asian ginseng. Korean red ginseng shouldn't be confused with American ginseng or Siberian ginseng, which are plants that were distinct.

The ginseng root is the element of the plant utilized as an all-natural treatment in supplement form. The root is known as white ginseng when it is dried but unprocessed.

Conventional Uses of Red Ginseng
It's considered enhance heart health to enhance the immune system, treat diabetes, increase energy, decrease anxiety, and treat impotent.

The root was said to resemble your body, with shoots for legs and the arms, also it's regarded as the motive that traditional herbalists considered ginseng for your body as a treatment.

Red Ginseng for ED
In study 45 men who had received analyses were given either a placebo or Korean red ginseng. 900 milligrams, three times daily, were taken by the guys for eight weeks. The researchers reasoned that red ginseng may act as a powerful substitute treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Ginseng for girls
Many girls experience a decrease in sexual functioning. In the study, 32 girls were given either a placebo, or three capsules a day of ginseng. Sexual functioning because of this had improved and experienced no adverse unwanted effects. The researchers concluded that red ginseng can be utilized by girls as a nutritional supplement to enhance sexual prowess.

Ginseng Nutritional Supplements
Ginseng nutritional supplements come in various types. Make sure that the form of ginseng is plainly marked when buying Ginseng nutritional supplements. While both red and white ginseng is sold, research continues to be mainly conducted on the red one.

Red ginseng can be found by you in powders, liquid extracts, and capsules. You might also have the ability to get the dried root, which may be expressed in boiling water to create a tea. Make sure you speak with your physician regarding the correct dosage for you personally and never take over recommended.

Drug Interactions
A reasonable threat is that red ginseng could restrict specific drugs. Be sure to speak with your doctor should you take these drugs before taking red ginseng:
·        - blood pressure medication
·        - blood thinner medicine
·        - a stimulant
·        - Insulin

You also need to prevent joining caffeine and ginseng, as the results can be enhanced by the nutritional supplement.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Maintain Hard Erection

A famous Doctor loves reminding his patients that no penis is an Island. Were it an island, you would be tempted to regard it as a hot spot perhaps in the Caribbean-Calm and tranquility at day time, but an activity filled night time since it would sum up as the destination of continuous rotation of half-naked coeds…

If we were to go back to geography class, it is wise to conclude that your penis is an extension of the body which shares a supply of oxygen, blood as well as a host of nutrients together with the rest of your organs in the body.

It further goes to mean that when a natural disaster hits the mainland, your penis will be affected since it is a protruding landmass. Erectile dysfunction is an early diagnosis warning sign that you can use ED as a means of predicting a heart attack by decades.

Medical practitioners suggest that erectile dysfunction results from damaged smaller arteries in the penis by cardiovascular diseases. This means that unfortunately, Viagra, Levitra and Cialis just mask the problem instead of fixing it.

The most important thing to maintain hard erection is to take adequate steps that will help you safeguard your sex life and you will never see the need of popping Viagra or any other type of aid to help you with your erections.

Many doctors always advice their patients to go natural. Below are some of the natural things you can do to improve your erections naturally…

Blackberry Jam Spread: seems unorthodox yes? Well relax as hear what medics have to say; dark fruits such as blackberries, elder berries and bilberries all carry high levels of ultra-powerful, anthocyanin antioxidants which have the ability of acting as an erection insurance.

Be Advised: The ability of your penis to rise to accession is dependent on the availability of nitric oxide; this is a blood-vessel-dilating chemical. After the attack of free radicals in your penis the levels of nitric oxide subsides. The aim of anthocyanin is to attack these free radicals.

Quite Smoking: The more you light up a cigarette, the higher the chances that you increase your risk of heart disease, bladder cancer, and stroke and lung cancer. Smoking leads to arterial damage tripling a man’s erectile dysfunction.

Put that cigarette down, do a lot of exercises and eat a healthy diet to maintain hard erections.