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Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Art Of Sexual Foreplay

Sexual foreplay majorly deals with the psychology and mentality of the individuals who are probably in the act of getting intimate with each other and it involves two or more persons. The initiator in this process is most likely the active sexual partner. Foreplay invokes sexual arousal between both partners. Its magic can never be underestimated as a rather passive or indifferent partner may easily loose guard in this exercise, because it will get into his or her head. Foreplay provokes sexual desire. Kissing, nibbling of partner’s breast, touching can arouse a partner and therefore falls into the category of foreplay. 

The art of foreplay does not necessarily mean physical contact must be involved, on some occasions; foreplay can involve verbal exercise which is communication. This is done by talking dirty to your partner. It qualifies as a foreplay exercise because you are indirectly toying with her psyche. When I say verbally, then Kinky, raunchy talk should be the core communication here.

The art of foreplay should not be one sided as partners will also need to reciprocate the sexual interest so that the exercise will be successful. If your partner is not willing then little or no success may be acquired at the end, so a willing partner allows for a good result.

The art of sexual foreplay is advisable to be practiced by the male folks and with sex therapist helping out in this case because men tend to get to their peak and releases before women during intercourse, so as to avoid being selfish and satisfying yourself alone and leaving your partner half way through reaching her orgasm. In a case whereby the male initiate the art of foreplay before sexual intercourse with his partner, then the lady would have gotten halfway to reaching her orgasm before the actual exercise take place.

Foreplay may also involve partners playing games like the role play game. In this type of game partners choose a particular character and act out some unwritten script which often times that not must involves dirty or raunchy talk which stimulates both partners and they end up having a wonderful and memorable sexual experience.

In the art of foreplay, every member of the body is as important as the male’s penis and the female’s vagina because sensation is sent through them to the brain. Cases of partners cheating on each other is rampant in our society today, and the society will always ask different unanswered questions about what must have led to it the infidelity between the partners.

The answer is never far- fetched, the cheating partner may not be getting enough sexual satisfaction from his/her partner. The sooner couples start learning and putting these practice to action the better their sexual life and the longer they will remain together. In the art of foreplay, it is expected for both partners not to rush things through so as not to miss the excitement attached to foreplay. The art of sexual foreplay makes the passive partner crave and anticipate for what will happen next.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mutual Masturbation: Sexual Techniques for Couples

Mutual masturbation sounds like an oxymoron. After all, masturbation is something you do by yourself, right? If someone else is in the room, isn’t that just called having sex?

Yes and no. After all, masturbation is its unique sexual activity. It comes with its own set of practices, intentions, and assumptions. And you can bring those into sex with someone else. Masturbating with a partner might mean you're touching yourselves at the same time, or it might mean you are masturbating with your partner in the room, participating, but not through the touch of their own.
Not that you need a list of reasons to try it, but here are a few things people love about mutual masturbation:

    It's another side of you: sharing talk about masturbation and masturbating in your partner’s presence can be a powerful way of sharing a new level of intimacy
    It gives you a chance to learn what your partner likes, and teach your partner what works for you.
    It's a great way to deal with differing sex drives; you don’t both have to be in the mood at the same time.

If you haven't tried it before, here are some tips to get you started.

Wait until the Time Is Right
Don’t pressure yourself (or accept pressure from a partner) to explore mutual masturbation. While it can be a great way to improve your sex life, it's also very intimate and exposing, and you should only do it when the time is right.
If you’re unsure about it, think about what smaller steps you can take to share masturbation with a partner.

Talk about Masturbation with Your Sex Partner
Before you dive in, it’s a good idea to talk about masturbation with your partner. The conversation doesn’t need to be serious, and it could even start as more of a curiosity, sharing stories about when you first masturbated, or how you learned to masturbate. The point is to get masturbation on the table as a topic as a way of gauging both your and your sex partner comfort with the subject.

Honor Your Need and Desire for Privacy
The first time you masturbate with someone else in the room it may feel weird. Most of us have a way we like to masturbate, and for most of us, this includes feeling like we’re alone and have some level of privacy. One way to get over the hump that first time is to keep your eyes closed (or if you don’t want to focus on that, use a blindfold or scarf to cover your eyes). For some persons, this is the simplest way to masturbate in front of a partner for the first time.

Take Turns
One of the best things about masturbating in front of your partner is the lessons learned about what turns you on.

Each of you should get an opportunity to watch the other masturbate without any distractions. The first time you share masturbation, if it feels awkward, you might agree in advance to take turns, one of you starting and masturbating until you’re done, and then the other goes. While simultaneous mutual masturbation can also be fun, letting yourself be the focus of attention can also be both arousing and educational.

Mutual Masturbation Sex Positions
Once you’re comfortable with mutual masturbation in both theory and practice, it's time to mix it up and play with different positions and situations. Doing this can enhance the sexual response you get from masturbation, it can also spark different fantasy scenarios, and lead to more learning for your partner. Try mutual masturbation on different pieces of furniture (if you’re always in bed, try it in a chair, in the shower, on the floor) and experiment with different sex positions.

Masturbating Each Other
While most of us might think that a hands-off-each-other approach is what defines masturbation, dictionary definitions of mutual masturbation usually include touching each other and there’s no reason not to blur that line. This might include you focusing on another part of your partner’s body while they masturbate, or you might be right in the center of the action. You might use parts of each other's bodies in your masturbation technique. Or maybe you come in the right at the end, to help out with the big finish.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Five Exciting Reasons To Should Have Sex

Sex shouldn’t be just a weekend thing; it should be any time thing right? Couples, especially those who work feel having a satisfying sex during the week is impossible because of how stressed out they are, but little do they know that’s the main reason they should be having sex. There is always a reason to have sex every day of the week and it has a profound effect such as sleep improvement, painkiller, relieves stress, makes you happier and also, it actually increases level of testosterone in men. Don’t let anything stop you from getting these benefits because you feel you are too busy to have a good time with your partner. Let’s check out some of the reasons why you should be having sex this week:

Think about distressing with sex on a Monday night
Monday is the most dreaded work day as there are lots to do in the office being the first working day. The deadlines, the new project, dealing with team members can leave you angry and frustrated. But you don’t have to feel this way if you remember there is something exciting waiting for you at home. Plan your Monday sex night to give you the desire/sexual desire to look forward to after a stressful day.

Make it all about a quickie on Tuesday
If you are going to be constant with this everyday sex thing, then you might as well make it interesting. Rather than having a long sex on Tuesday, a quickie would suffice. You can have a quick taste of each other immediately after returning from work and not till you go to bed. That adrenaline rush of quick sex would make dinner look more delicious.

Morning sex would do the trick of a mid- week
You might need to go out later that night since its midweek, why not have sex in the morning. Yesterday’s night was a quickie; you could consolidate the act with a steamy morning sex. The sexual pleasure will keep your mood on point on through the day. You could set the alarm for 30 minutes earlier than your rising time, to have an intimate time.

Make Thursday a come home early for good loving
It’s normal to get cut up in work on Thursday, especially when you know the next day is Friday and you need to meet up with deadlines before the close of the week. But you could set a milestone to finish everything you have to do in the office in order to come home early for some romantic get together with your shows that you both still have each other on top of your priority list. It’s says something like “If the world ends today, I won’t be scared as long as I’m with you.”

Friday sex should come naturally as celebration sex
It's TGIF! Yes, that excitement that the work week is finally over and you can have others things to do including having a long sex. A bottle of wine and finger food to set the mood here will do. You have all the time in the world to please your sex partner.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Why we all need a vibrator

Vibrators are surprisingly not a new invention. If history trackers are right, it has been around for as long as the 17th century. But yet we wonder why it is not wholeheartedly accepted by everyone. What are vibrators? Vibrators are special small machines which help the users get aroused and derive sexual pleasure from its use.

Someone once told a story of a time he was at a camp and he saw this lady sitting by a dark corner, moaning. He came close only to discover she was having fun with her vibrator. Now while other ladies were going on a sex rampage with other guys in camp, forgetting they had sex partners at home, this smart lady was keeping herself warm with a vibrator and being 100 percent faithful! That is just one benefit of a vibrator. Let’s have a look at others:

For Mid-Life Women
Vaginal tightness, atrophy, dryness are some of the uncomfortable issues women in their mid-life age face. This could make them irritated and depressed as they feel different and no longer have that sex appeal they had years back. These issues more often than not lead to painful sex which makes most women uninterested in initiating sex with their partner and this could drive their partners into the hands of another woman. This sounds terrible right? Why don’t you prevent this by getting yourself a shiny vibrator and feel younger again?

A vibrator eliminates vagina dryness by promoting vaginal lubrication. It eliminates vaginal atrophy by improving sexual sensation. It also eliminates vaginal tightness by improving the elasticity of vaginal walls. For example, a woman who has vulvodynia can benefit from using a vibrator. It takes her mind off the pain she is experiencing or the disappointment on her partner’s face when her pain won’t just let them have fun. With a vibrator in her hand, sliding it all around her vagina, being in control of every movement, she is more relaxed and able to enjoy every moment spent with her exploring equipment.

For Variety Sake
It really doesn’t have to be the same penetration all the time. Couples could try something different for a change to spice up their sex life. Imagine your man with a vibrator in his hand, vibrating different spots of your vagina and inner thighs while you lay back watching him and reacting to every touch. Fun right? A woman is sure to reach her climax when a vibrator is used to stimulating her clitoris before even trying penetrative sex.

Openness in Relationship
Using a vibrator with your partner gives room for better communication and openness in your sexual relationship. You are not afraid or shy to tell your partner where he should go and where to stay away from. Both of you are up there on the bed, feeling each other with the vibrator and talking about the spots in your body that make you cave in.

Self -exploration
With a vibrator, you are able to tell what part of your vagina is most sensitive. When you are all by yourself with your vibrator, you take your time to massage each spot in your body to know where your partner should focus on next time he is in bed with you. Call it self-discovery and you are not far from the truth.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Six Exotic Oral Sex Positions

Oral sex is something couples do to get ready for the penetrative sex, or if they are not in the mood for rigorous sex. It is enjoyed well when couples know how when to lick, suck or use the hand as a complimenting tool. There are other requirements that make oral sex more appealing, unique and pleasurable which is how couples position themselves to perform it. While a laid back woman with wide spread legs waiting for her man to go head down on her, a woman sitting on the crown of a chair with her legs apart could make all the difference in oral sex. Check out some cool positions for oral sex that you can try out next time you want to do more of licking and sucking.

The David Copperfield Position
This involves the woman lying down on the bed with her hips propped up by the pillow under her butt. The vagina is on full display with this position and her partner can see all the corners like the vulva and clitoris and even the labia to suck. Your partner doesn’t need to bend so low and put a strain on his back in the process.

Heir to the Throne
This is a sassy position for the ladies, sitting down on a chair with your legs supported by the arms of the chair. If it’s a chair without arms, then your man can hold your laps while you grasp the chair for support. Then he gets down on his knee to feel your essence. Your vagina here is opened up like a flower waiting to be plucked by his mouth.

The Face sitter
In this position, the woman lies down on the bed close to the wall with the pillow supporting her head while the man comes close to her face on his knees placing his hand on the wall for support. The woman pulls him closer by holding his waist with one hand while the other strokes the penis to get a rock hard erections before giving it a good head. This allows for a close contact where the couple can look into each other’s eyes for a heightened sensation.

The Elevator
Here, the man stands with his back against the wall while the woman kneels down, one hand around the man and the other on his penis to suck it. The man can hold her head to pull her it closer when he wants his penis to go deep into her mouth.

Sixty nine
This is a classic sex position, a definition of team work as couples suck at the same time. The man lies down on the bed while the lady climbs on him with her legs astride, bringing her vagina close to his mouth while her mouth finds his penis as they suck each other to ecstasy.

One up
Here the lady lies close to the edge of the bed with one of her legs up. She supports the leg with her hands while the man goes down on his knees stimulate her clitoris and gives the vagina a sexual pleasure it deserves.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Best ways to attract the ladies

There are some men that have a really difficult time in attracting women. And this can feel like going through hell from some of them. Since you’re reading this article, it means that you’re interested in how you can improve your odds of attracting women. Well, below you will find some more information that will help you solve this problem of yours.

The first and most important thing that you can do is dress well. Even if you have a “bad” body shape, you’d be surprised at just how powerful can clothes be in covering your body and making it look better. Always make sure that you’re wearing fitting clothes – you will look like a joke if you wear baggy clothes or if you wear too short clothes. If you’re clueless as to where to start when it comes to clothes, then we recommend you to hire a professional – it will be money well invested because it will give you that sense of confidence that well-dressed men have. If there is one thing that you will get from this article – make sure that it’s that you won’t underestimate the power of the clothes that you wear. You may look online like Instagram to get some idea how to improve your look.

The next thing that you will have to do no matter who you are if you wish to increase your attractiveness is to work out. Now, books have been written on the subject of just how important it is to exercise and we think that there is no need for us to cover the health benefits of exercising. But if there is one thing that we would like to mention – then it’s that exercise has a powerful effect on how you look. Exercise do improve your sexual health as well, it's very important. And not only that, but it will also change the way you act. You will find out once you build your muscles that it’s now easier for you to stand tall and not to slouch. This is a characteristic of dominant men – and dominant men are, on average, a lot more attractive to women than submissive men. Moreover, your muscle size will increase and your skin and hair will look better as well. If you combine exercise with improvements in your diet then you will truly experience a powerful effect in terms of raising your attractiveness for women. It's a bonus that you look delicious (sexual attraction) to create sexual desire in her mind.

Finally, make sure that you interact with women. The more you could do this, the better. If you don’t have a single woman in your life – then go outside and meet one! This can be a difficult game – chances are that you will run up to women that will blast you off. But this will only serve to increase your confidence – and every woman that you can meet on the streets and communicate with will serve to improve your communications skills with women. And if there is one thing that women are pretty fond of when it comes to men, it’s social intelligence.

If you do all of these things you will increase your sexual attractiveness to women by leaps and bounds. Be persistent and you will achieve everything you set your mind to.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Best ways to increase muscle mass for higher sex appeal in men

We all want to increase our sex appeal – after all, sex is one of the most important things in the lives of people, and it means that we would try our best to increase our sex appeal. As men, one of the most potent ways in which you can increase your sex appeal is by packing muscle mass. This is a sure indicator of strength, fitness, and health, and it’s also a symbol of living a healthy life – which is always sexually attractive. So, what can you do when it comes to increasing your muscle mass?

You would have to work out – there is no question about it. After all, the only way through which you can pack muscle mass is through exercise. Of course, you could achieve the effect of looking like you’re muscular with a couple of synthol (synthetic oil) injections – but the results of this are terrible if you don’t believe us – go and see a few images on google of the effects of synthol.

Back to the original subject… if muscle mass is your main goal, then we suggest you opt out for weightlifting. That’s right, it’s proven time and again that weightlifting is one of the best ways in which you can increase your muscle size. There are two ways in which you can lift weights – one way is by lifting hard and heavy, but for fewer reps – and the other way is through lifting not so heavy weights, but for more reps. If you wish to gain strength by training your nervous system, then you should go for the first method. If you wish to pack a few pounds of lean muscle mass, then you should go for the second.

You will want to do a few sets of each of the exercise that you will be doing, and every set would have to be in the range of 8-12 reps. This will give you the opportunity to exhaust your muscles – a process which will lead to a breakdown of your muscles. Contrary to what many people think, the muscles don’t grow while you’re working out – they grow while you’re resting. So, the process goes as follows – you break down your muscles by sweating it out in the gym, and then you repair and increase the size of your muscles while you sleep.

And there goes another important thing to have in mind if your goal is the increase of muscle mass – make sure that you sleep well and often. Aim for at least 7-8 hours per night, every night. And aim for sleeping with the sunset, and waking up with the sunrise. This is not always a practical thing to do, especially in our hectic, fast-paced lives where we never have time for anything – but this will bring the biggest result to you. Muscle mass boost testosterone level higher and enhance the libido in men thus stimulate sexual desire going further up. 

And we beg you not to go for synthetic steroids. Sure, they are devastatingly effective – and you will pack dozens of pounds of pure muscle mass in a single year if you work out with the help of steroids. But you will end up looking unnaturally big, which most people would say is sexually unattractive. If you still wish to go for supplements, try some of the scientifically proven effective and safe supplements such as proteins, creatine, and beta-alanine. These can help you out in the process of becoming stronger and in getting in better physical shape – and one day you will become a sexually much more attractive man.