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Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Amazing Natural Product Forces You
To Have An Explosive Erection
Even If You Don't Want To...
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Thousands of men with various forms of erection problems, just like you, are now having the sex of their lives!
And in just a minute, we'll show you their secret, because…

Let’s Face It. There Is Really No Such Thing As Too Much Sex!
And even if your sex life is already rich and fulfilling… imagine if you had a little more energy… if your erections stayed harder… or you could go just a little longer…
Sure, maybe you can get your wife to climax… but what if you could give her huge, crushing orgasms that left her covered in sweat and shaking like a leaf?
Well, advancements in biotechnology science have now made it easier to do just that. We're talking about feeling aroused and producing huge, thick erections, on command – naturally. Complete with the surging desire it takes to rattle the walls and wake the neighbors.
How’s that for a breakthrough?

When It Comes To Being A Sexual Titan, Your Age Is Just A Number...
Spontaneous, all-night sex is wasted on the young. It’s a cruel trick of nature. You would think all the years of experience that comes with age would translate into some of the wildest sex of your life.
But for some of us, that just isn’t the case.
Well, thanks to this exciting breakthrough, nature doesn’t always get the last laugh. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re 40, 60, 80 or older – we're going to introduce you to the latest development in nutritional technology that gives your body just what it needs to turn you into a sexual machine with just one speed… overdrive!

Try This Experiment At Home
Take 2 Libidus capsules with a glass of warm water. Then sit down, relax and don't think about sex. (To help you keep your mind off sex, which may not be easy, read the newspaper or watch the cartoon channel on TV.)
What will happen next is that... within 10 - 30 minutes, you will experience strongest, hardest and biggest erection ever in your life!
And... you are powerless to stop it!

"My penis had not felt this alive since I was 20..."
"I am a 52-year old male with Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension and High Cholesterol. I take medications for all three conditions. I have always had a high sex drive, even now. But my equipment does not always finish its work. This has been frustrating for a man who's desire is still strong. I do not subscribe to claims of sexual enhancers or have I tried any products that do.
Until recently. A friend of mine told me about some pills he was taking for sexual stamina. They were called Stamina RX. He gave me 6 of these pills and said to take two about one hour before sex. I tried them and had some success, though not as good as my friend had claimed. There were also some side effects, rapid heart beat, dull headache.
This got my curiosity going and so I went to the internet and surfed around at different websites. That's how I found Libidus. The more I researched this product, the more interested I became. Especially when they said to beware of certain products containing substances that are banned in certain countries. I was entertaining the thought of asking my doctor for Viagra or some other drug until I heard that they were causing blindness in some cases. Not a good choice.
I decided to try Libidus in hopes that the claims made by Bio-Gulf about its performance were not just a way to scam honest people with real sexual problems out of their hard earned money. It is very stressful to give credit card information to companies you never heard of in the US, let alone overseas companies. Well fortunately, Bio-Gulf came through and I received my 10 capsules in about ten days. I got them on a Friday.
It was hot and humid all night with a freak thunderstorm that lasted several hours. I decided to take 2 Libidus about 3 am since I wasn't sleeping anyway. I laid there next to my sleeping wife wondering what was going to happen. We sleep naked, always. I guess about 30-40 minutes rolled by and I was laying on my back trying to think cool, listening to the thunder and watching the lightning light up our room. Not thinking about sex.
Then I noticed the my penis was beginning to get hard. I reached down and felt my penis. It was at full erection. I started to laugh to myself, this thing is harder than I can remember. Libidus really seems to work. I could not wait for my wife to wake up and see this miracle. Alas I had to wait for almost 2 hours before she awoke. When she did, I told her I had taken the Libidus earlier when she was asleep. She reached down and felt my penis and said, "Oh my God, that is quite a stiffy. I'm definitely going to have to ride that thing!" So she did.
It felt great, my penis was longer and fuller than ever before. My wife had an intercourse orgasm which is rare for her. She most always orgasm by oral stimulation. When I had my orgasm, it was very strong and my penis stayed hard for some time afterwards. Usually it goes limp within seconds after orgasm. I was amazed at the things my penis was doing the rest of the weekend. I'd take a shower and it was hard. I sat on the toilet, it started to get hard. I'd walk into the kitchen with an erection in my pants, it was wonderful and amusing at times. I was feeling the effects on Sunday morning though not as strong but still noticeable.
To make this long story short, I had 3 orgasms in less than 24 hours. My penis had not felt this alive since I was 20 and that is pretty good for a 52-year old man. I am definitely going to continue using Libidus and recommend it to all my friends and family. Thank you very much!"
(Scott, San Diego, CA via email on July 24, 2005)

Try Libidus Before You Try Anything Else!
If you are looking for a herbal sexual enhancer to boost your performance in bed... and you cannot afford to risk failure... it makes perfect sense to get the best.
After all, you might never get a second chance to make a good first impression if you are in a new relationship.
Or, if your aim is to rekindle the passion with a long-time lover, performance failure can jeopardize your relationship even further... no matter how understanding she might be.
Right now, unless someone else comes along with something better, Libidus is the best herbal enhancer that money can buy... without a prescription.

Voted "The Most Effective Herbal Sexual Enhancer"
Between Aug 2 and 24, 2003, Herbs & Health News conducted an independent test to determine the most effective male herbal sexual enhancer on the internet.
Twelve leading brands, including Libidus, Imperial Gold Maca, Vigorex, Herbal V and VigRx were tested on 50 couples (with 4 of the men being impotent) for speed of reaction and duration of effectiveness.
And as predicted, Libidus came out tops in both categories, and also took home the prestigious title of "The Most Effective Herbal Sexual Enhancer".

Numbers Don't Lie
Since Libidus was launched in late 2002, more than 5,000,000 have been sold through our network of wholesalers and distributors in countries like South Africa, Japan, Canada, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom and the US.
1st Quarter report shows that on the whole, approximately 86% of our customers found Libidus to be effective.
And in a recent email survey among our US customers, 89% expressed satisfaction with the response of Libidus. (Well, actually the real figure is 92% but we took off 3% to make it sound more believable!)

What Makes Libidus The Best
When we first conceptualized Libidus, we wanted a product that will not only help to channel maximum blood flow to the penis, it must also enhance the libido simultaneously.
After trying many different combinations of herbs for more than a year, we finally settled with 7 types of herbs, with Eurycoma Longifolia being the main ingredient.
In case you don't know, Eurycoma Longifolia (or more popularly known as Tongkat Ali or Pasak Bumi in Southeast Asia) is a scientifically-proven herbal aphrodisiac and testosterone booster that is fast becoming popular in the Western world.
So while conventional erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs treat impotency by redirecting blood flow, Libidus goes one step further by also fixing the problem at the libido level.
Hence, killing two birds with one stone.
This is important because many men cannot achieve a satisfying erection not because of the problem with blood flow, but due to a lack of desire.

Works In Minutes And Lasts For Up to 4 Days...
The beautiful thing about Libidus is that you don't have to take it for weeks or months to feel its revitalizing effect.
That's because Libidus works within 10 - 30 minutes for a majority of the individuals... even without sexual stimulation.
And the most amazing thing is that once the herbs are in your body, they have the innate ability to remain there for up to 4 days!
And during this time, you will be more-than-ready for any possible sexual encounters that might come your way... even if you are currently impotent!

Without Any Nasty Side Effects
In general, 83% of our customers said that they did not experience any unpleasant side effects - like headache, extreme palpitation, sweating and dizziness - that are so commonly associated with sexual enhancers.
The remaining 17% did feel some minor facial flushing and warmness in the body, which are tolerable reactions. These are caused by the blood-circulation enhancing herbs in Libidus.

Fantastic Reviews
Heart Problem Patient Regains Sexual Prowess
"I am 57 years old with cholesterol based cardiovascular problems. I have had by-pass surgery and likely suffer ED due to circulation problems. I was taking Viagra, but was growing concerned about the inconsistent performance and minor side effects. I stumbled onto your website one day while doing a search for alternatives to Viagra.
Being somewhat skeptical of your claims, but willing to find a better alternative, I purchased two packs of Libidus pills. Well...and much to my wife's pleasure...homerun first six times I used Libidus. I have learned when I am very tired, nothing, not even Libidus, works. So, I get rested, take my Libidus and make my wife smile.
One very notable aspect of Libidus is a marked return of my interest in sex, i.e., my sexual drive is more like when I was in my 20s than as a 50 year old man."

Prostrate Cancer Patient Throws Away The Blue Pill For Libidus
"I am 52 years old and 2 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I started hormone therapy (injections of Lupron). This affected my body's ability to produce testosterone for well over 8 months. Shortly thereafter I also underwent radiation treatment which affected my ability to sustain an erection. My doctor prescribed Viagra, but I could not deal with the many side affects (runny nose, headaches, dizziness, etc...).
He then changed the prescription to Levitra. While researching Levitra on the web I discovered Libidus, Wow! When I learned about Libidus I quickly ordered 10 capsules and they arrived in about 11-12 days. I had read the many testimonials and I was really skeptical about the results so I decided not to share this information with my wife. I didn't want her to get her hopes up and then be disappointed.
The first time I tried it the results were more than I expected with no side affects. She couldn't believe the number of times I was able to ejaculate while also maintaining a rock hard erection. Both of us are more than satisfied with the results. I'll recommend Libidus to all of my friends."

60-Year Old Man Felt The Effect For 7 Days With Only One Pill
"O.K. Thanks for that, I would just like to confirm everything that I have read about your product, it really is terrific. I did have cause to query certain reactions which I was experiencing, but after fine tuning, I find that taking one pill only, and not drinking alcohol has cured the minor problems I was experiencing.
Whilst at the age of 60, I still have an excellent sex drive without taking
Libidus, but what a terrific difference it has made, and I find the effect lasts more than 4 days, more like 7-10 days.
I haven't told my wife yet, but oh the smile on her face, I am sure she must be wondering where I got this super dooper penis from!!!"

Libidus Is No "Snake Oil" - It Really Works
"I recently took delivery of my fist shipment of Libidus. Having suffered from erectile dysfunction for some time, and having tried viagra, cialis and levitra, which all work for me, but which all make me feel quite unwell, I was keen to try your product.
I have to say that I was very sceptical. Coming from a medical family, and having read biochemistry at university in England, I was brought up with a high degree of cynicism about herbal remedies. In truth, this cynicism is largely unfounded, as I know full well that many medicines have been derived from plants. But there are a lot of charlatans out there in the herbal remedies arena - especially for "sex enhancement" products, where it is easy to prey on peoples frustrations and vulnerabilities.
How wrong I was. Not only does Libidus work exceptionally well for me (far better than Viagra, in fact) the side effects were extremely minor in comparison - restricted to some minor facial flushing. The half life of the active ingredients is also much longer, as I was still able to sustain a good erection some 36 hours after taking the first dose.
There is, as they say, no better preacher than the converted. If you are looking for a distributor in Western Australia (I moved here 2 years ago from the UK) I would be very interested in pushing your product."
Never Had Stronger And Longer-Lasting Erections In My Life!
"I purchased your Libidus capsules 4 weeks ago and would just like to thank you for this amazing product and you service, i received my order in Melbourne Australia 4 days after i ordered it.
I have had problems with erection dysfunction for 3 years and have been purchasing Viagra, not too often due to it being expensive. Libidus is within my budget and i must admit i was very skeptical of it's claims. Can i say it is better than i thought and it does everything you claim it does.
I have erections even if i don't want them and the dosage of 2 capsules lasts for at least 3 days in my case. I have never had stronger erections in my life and they last a long time, i am ecstatic with the product and so is my wife, thank you and i will be placing my next order soon."
Man With Low Testosterone Make Love 2-3 Times A Day!
"I have suffered from low testosterone levels for years and have not been able to achieve a firm erection in almost two years. I tried Yohimbe, Hot Plants, Stamanex, and at least 10 other brands that claimed to increase your sex drive with no results. Then, about three months ago I tried Libidus, and was blown away. Within minutes of taking the product (without the capsule) I began to get an erection.
In about 30 minutes, I was walking around the house with the firmest and largest erection I have had since I was a teenager, and this was without any sexual stimulation. I was able to regain my erection for about three days without having to take more. My sex life has gone through the roof. I used to have sex about once every 3-4 months, I now have sex 2-3 times a day. This product is absolutely amazing and I recommend it to everyone."

If You Are Still Unsure...
At this juncture, if you still feel that there are better enhancers out there, feel free to shop around...
But please, be aware of this dangerous fact:
Many 'Herbal' Enhancers Can Kill You!
We know, because we are in the industry.
In fact, we have a list of many herbal sexual enhancers that have been banned by the ministry of health of several countries due to the presence of controlled chemicals and harmful steroids.
And yet, these very same brands are being sold freely over the internet... to unsuspecting customers who think that they are buying a 100% herbal-based product!
Dangerous? You bet!
So why put your health - and possibly even your life - at risk with untested products when Libidus can produce the effect that you desire - safely?

100% Natural And 100% Safe
We want Libidus to be the safest herbal sexual enhancer in the world and that's why we subject the product to stringent lab tests.
This is necessary because we want you to feel confident that you are taking a product that is chemical-free and steroid-free, and that it complies with international safety standards.