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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Why we all need a vibrator

Vibrators are surprisingly not a new invention. If history trackers are right, it has been around for as long as the 17th century. But yet we wonder why it is not wholeheartedly accepted by everyone. What are vibrators? Vibrators are special small machines which help the users get aroused and derive sexual pleasure from its use.

Someone once told a story of a time he was at a camp and he saw this lady sitting by a dark corner, moaning. He came close only to discover she was having fun with her vibrator. Now while other ladies were going on a sex rampage with other guys in camp, forgetting they had sex partners at home, this smart lady was keeping herself warm with a vibrator and being 100 percent faithful! That is just one benefit of a vibrator. Let’s have a look at others:

For Mid-Life Women
Vaginal tightness, atrophy, dryness are some of the uncomfortable issues women in their mid-life age face. This could make them irritated and depressed as they feel different and no longer have that sex appeal they had years back. These issues more often than not lead to painful sex which makes most women uninterested in initiating sex with their partner and this could drive their partners into the hands of another woman. This sounds terrible right? Why don’t you prevent this by getting yourself a shiny vibrator and feel younger again?

A vibrator eliminates vagina dryness by promoting vaginal lubrication. It eliminates vaginal atrophy by improving sexual sensation. It also eliminates vaginal tightness by improving the elasticity of vaginal walls. For example, a woman who has vulvodynia can benefit from using a vibrator. It takes her mind off the pain she is experiencing or the disappointment on her partner’s face when her pain won’t just let them have fun. With a vibrator in her hand, sliding it all around her vagina, being in control of every movement, she is more relaxed and able to enjoy every moment spent with her exploring equipment.

For Variety Sake
It really doesn’t have to be the same penetration all the time. Couples could try something different for a change to spice up their sex life. Imagine your man with a vibrator in his hand, vibrating different spots of your vagina and inner thighs while you lay back watching him and reacting to every touch. Fun right? A woman is sure to reach her climax when a vibrator is used to stimulating her clitoris before even trying penetrative sex.

Openness in Relationship
Using a vibrator with your partner gives room for better communication and openness in your sexual relationship. You are not afraid or shy to tell your partner where he should go and where to stay away from. Both of you are up there on the bed, feeling each other with the vibrator and talking about the spots in your body that make you cave in.

Self -exploration
With a vibrator, you are able to tell what part of your vagina is most sensitive. When you are all by yourself with your vibrator, you take your time to massage each spot in your body to know where your partner should focus on next time he is in bed with you. Call it self-discovery and you are not far from the truth.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Six Exotic Oral Sex Positions

Oral sex is something couples do to get ready for the penetrative sex, or if they are not in the mood for rigorous sex. It is enjoyed well when couples know how when to lick, suck or use the hand as a complimenting tool. There are other requirements that make oral sex more appealing, unique and pleasurable which is how couples position themselves to perform it. While a laid back woman with wide spread legs waiting for her man to go head down on her, a woman sitting on the crown of a chair with her legs apart could make all the difference in oral sex. Check out some cool positions for oral sex that you can try out next time you want to do more of licking and sucking.

The David Copperfield Position
This involves the woman lying down on the bed with her hips propped up by the pillow under her butt. The vagina is on full display with this position and her partner can see all the corners like the vulva and clitoris and even the labia to suck. Your partner doesn’t need to bend so low and put a strain on his back in the process.

Heir to the Throne
This is a sassy position for the ladies, sitting down on a chair with your legs supported by the arms of the chair. If it’s a chair without arms, then your man can hold your laps while you grasp the chair for support. Then he gets down on his knee to feel your essence. Your vagina here is opened up like a flower waiting to be plucked by his mouth.

The Face sitter
In this position, the woman lies down on the bed close to the wall with the pillow supporting her head while the man comes close to her face on his knees placing his hand on the wall for support. The woman pulls him closer by holding his waist with one hand while the other strokes the penis to get a rock hard erections before giving it a good head. This allows for a close contact where the couple can look into each other’s eyes for a heightened sensation.

The Elevator
Here, the man stands with his back against the wall while the woman kneels down, one hand around the man and the other on his penis to suck it. The man can hold her head to pull her it closer when he wants his penis to go deep into her mouth.

Sixty nine
This is a classic sex position, a definition of team work as couples suck at the same time. The man lies down on the bed while the lady climbs on him with her legs astride, bringing her vagina close to his mouth while her mouth finds his penis as they suck each other to ecstasy.

One up
Here the lady lies close to the edge of the bed with one of her legs up. She supports the leg with her hands while the man goes down on his knees stimulate her clitoris and gives the vagina a sexual pleasure it deserves.