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Sunday, June 28, 2015

A few Things You Should Know About Sexual Techniques

The importance of reproduction as an essential ingredient of sex makes every individual posses a certain level of sexual techniques from the moment they are born. In order to create chess pieces you need to know the techniques of woodworking, plaster, iron and so on and when it comes to sex such knowledge is not required because as the old saying goes – All roads lead to Rome. However, it is much easier to arrive at the desired destination if both partners have good command of social and sexual skills.

Communication is the key
Mastering the ease of use of wide scale of soft and “dirty” words, the possibility to talk without actually saying words but only sighs and moans, eye contact with the ability to spread pupils, the knowledge of erogenous maps of the partners body and adjusting to suitable coital positions according to your own or your partner’s height and “width”, is possible only if you invest a concept that is known as sexual technique. If you are able to master sexual techniques and satisfy your partner, you probably don't need sex pill for better sex.

Sexology literature is full of books that represent some sort of sexual guides. In the books of this type, you can find descriptions of techniques which, in case they are properly used by the practitioner, can lead to sexual craze in your sexual partner. By reading these books, sexually ignorant persons believe that it is enough to press a certain sexual button on the body of another person in the bed in order to have unforgettable sex. Nothing could be further from the truth.

By prolonging foreplay to infinity, the person who doesn’t like long foreplay, will feel aversion instead of joy and excitement. A gentle touch on the body of a person that is excited by strong grip will result in feeling of tickling and irresistible laughter instead of excitement. Oral sex for some persons is an expression of extreme intimacy, for others – this is a clear sign of perversion. The mechanical use of sexual techniques without showing feelings and knowing what the other person actually wants from the sexual play, makes sex estranged, and leads to lack of interest and avoiding sexual intercourses. So, the key is communication.

Sex positions
Proper and varied selection of sex positions takes a central place in mastering sexual technique which in turn should ensure that, over time, sex won’t become monotonous. People can find descriptions of over 200 different sex position in the ancient and modern literature.

What is interesting is the fact that some of them are simply impossible for performing and some of these sex positions require special acrobatic abilities that most people do not possess. Mystification in fact doesn’t exist. Essentially, each coital position is reduce to two basic variants.

Partners can perform them in lying, standing or sitting position and on the other hand, the couple during the practice of certain position achieves or doesn’t achieve eye contact. Some couples use only one sex position during their entire life. Others love to make experiments. The most common sex position in the western world is the so-called – missionary position in which the man is over the woman. Find the best position that can help you to perform the whole love making process longer so that you can stop premature ejaculation.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

A few Things Everyone Should Know About Erogenous Zones

Some body parts in both men and women are more sensitive to sexual stimulation compared to other parts of the body. These parts are known as erogenous zones. This is a concept that dates back to ancient times. It is highly recommended for the partners to explore the erotic body map of their bodies. This is one of the ways to enjoy more in sex. However, we should also remember that love itself is essential for lovemaking. Love, however, is not necessary ingredient for men and women to enjoy sex. In order to call something love both partners must satisfy each other’s senses. Sex is less demanding. In order to achieve sexual arousal it is sometimes enough to arouse only one sense. The power of good looks, the deep voice in men and gentle voice in women act stronger than any aphrodisiac agent in some people. In the literature dedicated to sexuality there were descriptions of cases of permanent sexual obsession of some women and men after an accidental contact with a sweat soaked tissue from the person that attracts them.

The incredible expansion of the perfume industry is therefore not exclusively associated with purity and aesthetics, but also contains the accented characteristics of sexuality. No matter of their looks, voice, scent or taste, senses play important role in sexual communication between men and women. Of course, physical body contact is the strongest sexual booster which usually leads to orgasm.

It is no surprise why the erotic map is so important. The look, the voice and the scent of a person is immediately processed in the brain and then merged with the previous experience that will determine whether this person will arouse us sexually. Touch (physical contact) bypasses the big brain. The sexual sensations obtained by physical contact have a reflex character, therefore they are direct. Even paralyzed people, in case their sexual centers in the spinal cord are unaffected can achieve hard erection or vaginal wetness (in women) through physical contact – touch. Every part of the body is not equally sensitive to touch. Basically, the more nerve endings are found in one body part the more sensitive it is.

In this sense, there is some kind of erotic map on the body which includes zones that are sensitive to touch. The clitoris, vaginal entrance, labia, part of the front wall of the vagina, glans penis (especially the tip of glans penis) the region between the anus and the reproductive organs, inner thighs, buttocks, mouth (especially the lips), ears and breasts (especially the nipples) are called erogenous zones due to their high sexual sensitivity to touch.

Experienced lovers know that the list of erogenous zones doesn’t stop with the previously mentioned erotic map of the body. A simple touch on the partner’s neck, using your hands on your partner’s hand, toes and feet or the lower parts of the back can also lead to very intense sexual arousal and stimulate sexual desire.

Make sure to be relaxed and careful and don’t focus only on the erogenous zone, but listen to your partner’s body and movement.