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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dry Penis: Causes and Solutions

It doesn’t really matter where dry skin occurs, this condition is very irritating and in some cases painful. There are cases when dry skin occurs without any reason and in places that are well-covered and protected. Even though the parts of the body that are exposed like feet and hand are often dry, may men are wondering why they have a dry penis. Even though it doesn’t make any sense in the beginning, if you analyze the causes, you will probably figure out what’s the root of this problem and how to solve it.

Dryness is often described as the insufficient presence of hydration and the dry penis is not an exception. Most people feel thirst when the body needs more water, but what about our skin? Many people take enough water but they forget about skin hydration. So, in most cases, a dry penis is a result of lack of hydration on the skin. It can be very uncomfortable if this happens to your private part. In order to fix this problem, doctors recommend special penile creams. However, there are situations when the problem is more persistent and a simple cream can’t work. If you are experiencing something like this, you should analyze few other things too.

First of all, let’s not forget that most of the modern soaps say that they are providing moisturizing effects, but the fact is that the majority of soaps are drying the skin and the skin on our penis is not an exception. Even though using soap on the penis provides good feeling, don’t overuse soap in this area. In addition, use lukewarm water for bathing not too hot because hot water dries the skin.
There are situations where allergies result in skin dryness. In the worst cases, people experience cracking and damages to the skin and even bleeding. Most of these allergies are triggered by direct touch or rubbing of the penis against new materials like new condoms, new laundry detergent, a new pair of underwear made from different fabric etc. Think about the new things that your penis is exposed to and eliminate them to avoid allergies and dry penis.

It is good to point out that eve sexual play and activity can lead to the sore and dry penis. For example, excessive masturbation, going to bed without washing the remains of sperm from it or very long sexual intercourses can all lead to the dry penis. The solution for this type of problems is obvious – taking things slowly and having regular breaks. In addition, you must be sure that you are taking good care of your penis. If you are in a situation like this, don’t forget to check yourself and your partner for certain infections.

Finally, the dry penis can be a result of the presence of a specific kind of psoriasis. This so-called inverse psoriasis begins in the scrotum and penis and spread around. It is easily recognized because it leads to redness and makes the skin very smooth. Lack of sleep, stress and food consumption may lead to psoriasis, it's a kind of skin disease. Using specially designed crèmes or light therapy can solve this problem in a short period of time.