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Thursday, July 26, 2018

The Art Of Sexual Foreplay

Sexual foreplay majorly deals with the psychology and mentality of the individuals who are probably in the act of getting intimate with each other and it involves two or more persons. The initiator in this process is most likely the active sexual partner. Foreplay invokes sexual arousal between both partners. Its magic can never be underestimated as a rather passive or indifferent partner may easily loose guard in this exercise, because it will get into his or her head. Foreplay provokes sexual desire. Kissing, nibbling of partner’s breast, touching can arouse a partner and therefore falls into the category of foreplay. 

The art of foreplay does not necessarily mean physical contact must be involved, on some occasions; foreplay can involve verbal exercise which is communication. This is done by talking dirty to your partner. It qualifies as a foreplay exercise because you are indirectly toying with her psyche. When I say verbally, then Kinky, raunchy talk should be the core communication here.

The art of foreplay should not be one sided as partners will also need to reciprocate the sexual interest so that the exercise will be successful. If your partner is not willing then little or no success may be acquired at the end, so a willing partner allows for a good result.

The art of sexual foreplay is advisable to be practiced by the male folks and with sex therapist helping out in this case because men tend to get to their peak and releases before women during intercourse, so as to avoid being selfish and satisfying yourself alone and leaving your partner half way through reaching her orgasm. In a case whereby the male initiate the art of foreplay before sexual intercourse with his partner, then the lady would have gotten halfway to reaching her orgasm before the actual exercise take place.

Foreplay may also involve partners playing games like the role play game. In this type of game partners choose a particular character and act out some unwritten script which often times that not must involves dirty or raunchy talk which stimulates both partners and they end up having a wonderful and memorable sexual experience.

In the art of foreplay, every member of the body is as important as the male’s penis and the female’s vagina because sensation is sent through them to the brain. Cases of partners cheating on each other is rampant in our society today, and the society will always ask different unanswered questions about what must have led to it the infidelity between the partners.

The answer is never far- fetched, the cheating partner may not be getting enough sexual satisfaction from his/her partner. The sooner couples start learning and putting these practice to action the better their sexual life and the longer they will remain together. In the art of foreplay, it is expected for both partners not to rush things through so as not to miss the excitement attached to foreplay. The art of sexual foreplay makes the passive partner crave and anticipate for what will happen next.

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