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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Defining Insatiable Sex Drive

Many people are wondering if they are all right because they constantly feel need for sex and they get an erection every time a woman touches them.

Is having sex more than once a day considered being “normal”?
Many people are afraid that they have become sex addicts if they practice sex several times a day. In most cases this is not true especially if you are having sex with the same partner that you really love and a partner that attracts you like no other before. This is not a case of addiction. This is what experts in this field call fatal attraction, love and desire for sex with the person you simply adore. Therefore, you don’t need to visit a clinic for treatment from addiction to sex. This is something completely normal and right. Just think about it – is there anything wrong with the fact that you want to have sex with your attractive partner every day even several times a day? Is there something wrong with your sexual desire to enjoy your partner in the morning and in the evening?

Is it not normal to explore and enjoy each other’s bodies every day? 
Of course, none of these things are abnormal. In fact, it is wrong to think about sex once a week or even once a month. As long as you feel the need to have sex every day or every other day and as long as you think at least a couple of times during the day about having sex with your partner everything is fine and you don’t have to be worried about anything. These are typical reactions and behavior for a man who is in love with a woman that attracts him both emotionally and physically. According to many experts, these fears that you are doing something wrong and out of the ordinary are exaggerated and completely unnecessary. Give yourself a break and have sex as many times as you want especially if you are in the beginning of your relationship.

Are women who want more orgasms nymphomaniacs?
If your female partner loves sex as much as you do, don’t worry and be happy. Look at this as a sign of confirmation that she loves you and she wants you. Labeling your new partner as nymphomaniac just because she wants to have sex with you every day is totally wrong. If she is wild in the bed with you it doesn’t mean that she could be wild with other men too. Think about this as a compliment. If your partner wants more than one orgasm make an effort and help her achieve two or three orgasms. Remember that you don’t always have to use your penis in order to make her achieve intense orgasm!

In the past people believed that masturbation is dangerous and wrong but those days are gone. Never feel angry if you find out that your partner is masturbating. There are periods in our life when we don’t want to think about sex and our partners have their own needs. Masturbation is the best way to satisfy these needs. 

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