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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Impotence and Your Relationship

It is no longer a secret that an increasing number of men continue to be diagnosed as being impotent. What is worrying is the fact that unlike in the past when the problem was largely restricted to older men, many young men who are still sexually active find themselves in the same situation. Unlike in older men who may suffer impotence for various reasons that are old age related, the cause of the problem in young men relates to poor lifestyle including poor diet.

At times referred to as erectile dysfunction (ED), impotence can wreck havoc in your relationship especially if your partner is not cooperative and willing to help. The secret to maintaining your relationship even though you have been diagnosed as having erectile dysfunction lies in addressing the topic with your partner. The trouble with most men diagnosed with the problem is that they keep it to themselves not realizing that their partners will eventually find out what they go through. Although it is appreciated that talking about ED can be very embarrassing, sex experts indicate that doing so is the only effective way of maintaining a healthy relationship and to a large extent a healthy sex life.

There is no doubt that what you go through once you are diagnosed as being impotent is not limited to the physical condition. You are most likely to suffer both emotional and psychological stress. Your masculinity, self-esteem and confidence will no doubt take a deep. Although you are most likely to get help from a medical practitioner, talking about your new condition turns out to be the most effective way of managing resultant stress.

Being diagnosed as being impotent does not in any way mean end of your sex life. You can indeed continue having a healthy sex life. However, this is only possible if you and your partner discuss the problem together with the aim of finding the best mutual way of engaging in satisfactory sex. Sex experts recommend that you and your partner stop thinking about the problem whenever you want to engage in lovemaking. This is particular true for you as the man. You need to shift your mind from your penis to pleasure. You actually need to remember that you are not your penis. Your penis is just part of you.

The other thing you may need to realize is that a lot of men suffering from erectile dysfunction even though they have not been diagnosed as having the problem and you are not alone. Indeed there are men who suffer from ED without their knowledge. It is a fact that almost all men have some form of ED and every man knows how to deal with his sexual problem. You too will no doubt find the best way of dealing with yours, depending on the cause.

One thing you cannot attempt to do after being diagnosed as being impotent is to look for alternative treatment methods. There are indeed many men who after being diagnosed with the problem and put under a treatment regime resort to use of other alternative remedies that promise quick fix. It is always very important that you stick to your treatment regime even if it is bound to last long. Resorting to use of other alternative treatment regimes can simply worsen your condition.

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