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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetic Men

Erectile dysfunction is more prevalent in diabetic men than in men who do not suffer from this condition. So to know how to treat erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes successfully, it is essential for man to regain his sex life, without jeopardizing the health.

For diabetic men, the assertion between their medications and possible treatments for erectile dysfunction is one of the main factors to take into account while curing it.
Important tips to follow for diabetic men to cure erectile dysfunction:

1. Seek the help of your partner:
This advice is crucial for diabetics or men without this condition. Opening with a partner will allow the man feel more confident to seek medical help and therefore follow a successful treatment.

2. Check with an Endocrinologist:
An endocrinologist or your family doctor is the best people to advice on the impact that diabetes can have on erectile dysfunction. Due to the effect that diabetes has the bloodstream making the arrival of the blood vessels, mainly at the extremities of the body; the ability to erection is also affected by lack of sufficient blood supply to the penis.

3. Control diabetes:
Reducing the levels of blood sugar, either with lifestyle changes or with the aid of medication is the main step to treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by this condition.

4. Do exercise:
Physical exercise along with a balanced diet reduces levels of blood sugar effectively. The effects of exercise and nutrition are so beneficial that many patients with type 2 diabetes can dispense the medication for this condition.

5. Make screening for other conditions:
It is common for diabetic patients suffering from other health problems, for example, hypertension or high cholesterol. Such as diabetes, these conditions are strongly associated with lifestyle and contribute greatly to the deterioration of erection problems.

6. Follow a treatment for erectile dysfunction:
If changes to the lifestyle or the use of medication to control diabetes are not enough, get advice from your doctor about a treatment for erectile dysfunction. A simple and safe medication which suits the majority of patients is especially recommended for patients with diabetes because of the security of their active ingredient.

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