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Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Few Health Benefits of Orgasm

Every adult individual is well-aware of the pleasures that orgasm brings. However, only a small number of people know that the peak of the pleasure means a lot more than temporary satisfaction. From the ancient times until the 19th century, many physicians have recommended special kind of medical massage to treat different illnesses and diseases. Latest scientific studies suggest that all these physicians were right. Now let’s highlight the most important health benefits of orgasm.
1.       Orgasm is good for the immune system

Orgasm acts like a cocktail of vitamins. Studies have shown that one or two orgasms a week increase the level of immunoglobin A for up to 35%. This means that the risk of acute infections and chronic inflammation conditions is significantly reduced.

2.      Orgasm a natural analgesic
In case you feel headache or migraine you should not avoid sexual intercourse because sex can actually make you feel better. Before you reach any of the typical medication used for headache, try having an orgasm. This culmination of sexual activity blocks the pain by releasing hormones that increase our tolerance to pain. The sexual intercourse and even masturbation can reduce menstrual pain, headaches and arthritic pain.  

3.      Orgasm in the morning improves mood
Morning sex or masturbation will release endorphins, natural opiates created by our own body. Thanks to the endorphin, people feel enthusiastic, happy and energetic. This feeling will remain throughout the day.

4.      Orgasm suppresses appetite
One of the biggest advantages of orgasm is the fact that it affects the release of oxytocin hormone. This hormone is often described as a hormone of happiness, bonding and love. Orgasm will increase the level of cholecystocinin hormone, responsible for the breakdown of protein and fat which is usually secreted during our meals and sends the body a signal that we are sated. The secretion of this hormone is increased during intense orgasm.

5.       Orgasm increases fertility
The contractions that happen in the vagina and uterus, as a result of the orgasm, increase the chances of conception. Thanks to these contractions, the sperm manages to go deeper and to remain inside the uterus longer, which means that the probability that some of the eggs are fertilized is significantly increased.

6.      Orgasm accelerates blood circulation in the pelvis
Orgasm improves the circulation in all body parts, especially in the pelvis. This leads to multiple health benefits. For starters, better blood circulation in the pelvic area regulates the menstrual cycle in a better way and eases menstrual pain. Increased blood flow brings increased amounts of oxygen and nutrients which results in better tissue regeneration.

7.      Orgasm balances the level of estrogen
Orgasm has the ability to stabilize the levels and relations between testosterone and estrogen. It also lowers the level of cortisol (stress hormone) and thyroid hormones. By having orgasm on a regular basis, you can avoid the need of potentially dangerous hormonal therapies.

8.      Orgasm cleanses the system
The improved blood circulation after orgasm leads to improved lymph flow too. In other words, the toxic substances from the circulation can be eliminated from the system in a faster and more efficient way.  

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