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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Erectile Dysfunction – When Does This Problem Actually Occur?

Erectile dysfunction is often described as a temporary or permanent inability to maintain a hard erection needed for quality sexual intercourse. It can be manifested in every age and the growing number of ED cases has become an important issue in modern society.

The importance of sexual power
Although erectile dysfunction is a problem that cannot be automatically categorized as a complete disaster in the life of some men, this is certainly a state without dignity which many other diseases provide. The sexual power of man has always been considered to be a reflection of reputation, abilities, power, reliability and credibility. That’s why, the condition of erectile dysfunction (it is much better to describe this problem as a condition not as a disease) is a topic that is not gladly discussed among men in modern society. The person suffering from Erectile dysfunction usually remains alone in their suffering which only extends the seriousness of this problem. ED in human history was only accepted among old men who could replace their inability to have sex with their experience, wisdom and knowledge. People have never expected great physical power and fertility among old men.

The level of this problem
The growing epidemic of erectile dysfunction is viewed as a significant threat and a problem even in demographic terms. Of course, much bigger problem of erectile dysfunction in old men is impotent in men of middle age. In this case, the libido is still fine which means that the sexual desire and need for sexual activity still exists, but due to certain reasons, erectile dysfunction appears. One of the main causes for this problem is the modern urban lifestyle of both men and women.

Under the burden of business obligations, health, financial and family problems and all other possible burdens that inevitably accompany modern men in their “best years”, it is no surprise how erectile dysfunction founds a fertile ground to prosper. This disorder, undermines sexual, social and family aspects of life, reduces self-confidence and determination, limits life activities and supports the general dissatisfaction with the existing situation which leads to psychological problems. In such circumstances, the growing epidemic of ED is perceived as a significant threat and problem. Such conditions are usually temporarily solved with sudden and fast-acting measures to improve satisfaction like eating fast food, smoking, drinking alcohol, reduced physical activity and struggle to make more money. These activities only create illusions of satisfaction. In addition, things like increased high blood pressure, high blood sugar and increased fat make the situation even worse.

It is good to point out that erectile dysfunction can become a problem at any age. The causes can be different. In young, healthy men the most common causes have psychological roots. As time passes, the middle-aged men become burdened with stress and other physical and emotional burdens and some diseases that accompany this type of lifestyle. Older men experience a natural loss of libido as well as certain physical and emotional changes. However, in every age, medical therapy for impotent can provide temporary or permanent results.

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