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Friday, May 15, 2015

How to help a partner with erectile dysfunction

The erectile dysfunction affects millions of men worldwide, but this should not just be concern of men. Even, female partner should take responsibility and play a fundamental role to overcome this problem and resume a sex life to the full.

Many women do not know how to react when your partner suffers from erection problems, finding better to move away and not talk about the issue for fear of hurting the feelings of man and aggravate the situation. This may be the easiest solution, but is not sure the solution that will lead to the end of the problem, increasing the pressure on the man in relation to his sexual performance. Ignoring the problem can help, but only if it is a sporadic situation. If your partner suffers from erection problems increasingly, and you are willing to take the responsibility of helping him, you need to check the following advice which could be fruitful in your efforts:

Talk to your partner
Talking about the issue rather than pushing it down the carpet is one of the factors contributing to overcome erectile dysfunction. Start by explaining that erectile dysfunction affects several men and that your partner is not the only one with this problem. Try not to focus too much on man's inability to achieve proper erection, but mention that this problem may be related to other health conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol and that the review should not go unnoticed.

Consider other activities you can do together
Focusing your attention only on gender in order to want to resolve this issue will only aggravate the situation. It does not mean that sex is an important part of the life of the couple, because it is, but there are other activities that you can do together that will allow the couple to relate more closely. Add to your routine trips to the cinema, restaurants, bars or excursions, which can contribute to your partner talk more openly about it. About 20% of cases of erectile dysfunction have psychological causes like stress and anxiety, so changing the daily life activities or routine can help reverse the situation.

Opt for different forms of stimulation
It does not mean that the fault is yours, but the truth is that the monotony in bed does not help in the case of erectile dysfunction. Consider other types of stimulation beyond the penetration that can help man to achieve and maintain hard erection, such as oral sex or manual stimulation or some massage technique.

Encourage seeking medical help
Erectile dysfunction is a health problem which needs professional care and hence it should be diagnosed by a doctor. If your partner does not feel comfortable to seek help, convince him that this is the best solution and who is willing to accompany you in the consultations, if it makes him feel better. In many cases it is the woman who takes the first step with regard to medical help to treat erectile dysfunction, putting their partner is comfortable on this condition.

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