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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Over The Counter Erection Pills

Erectile dysfunction also known as premature ejaculation is the most predominant disorder among male sexuality. A penis erection is dependent on an intricate chain link involving; vascular, psychological endocrine and neural factors.

The testosterone hormone plays a crucial role in the entire process as well. The bod’s neurotransmitters take charge of starting and maintain a hard erection inclusive of nitric oxide and dopamine.

Since suffering from a weak erections, is a major ego problem; men with such a predicament result to using one of the following processes to reverse the problem:

                    Erection ring
                    Vacuum Device
                    Over the counter sex pill (Cialis or Viagra)

To maintain a hard erection you have to among many other things:

                    Have a good night sleep
                    Having low levels of stress
                    Start following a healthy diet with a lot of vegetables and fish
                    Engage yourself in moderate amounts of exercises
                    Do Yoga and relaxation techniques
                    Engage in open heart and close intimacy

The above steps will help you sustain a longer erections. However before you partake any soft erection treatment or over the counter natural supplements. Aphrodisiacs to handle erections. However, ensure you carefully go through cautions listed on the pills package.

Natural Male Erection Enhancers Which Work

Research for information on various supplements and natural medicine books and studies. The findings will help you discover the number of ways that you can result to and achieve an erection. These are ways that will not need you to use soft erection medication such as Cialis, Viagra, Levitra and any other medications.

Do Erection Herbs Work?

There are several supplement and vitamin products that offer natural erection development help. Vitamins helping with nutrients (choline) is a perfect erection vitamin. Making lifestyle changes is also an important step.

Stress is a major risk factor that inhibits penile engorgement and further reduces libido in men.

Herbs such as; 5-htp and Kava herb are known to interfere with an optimal erection and sensation. Extensive use of 5HTP further reduces sexual urges and sexual interests.

Restoration of Spontaneous Erections

Consumption of fresh onions, garlic and ginger, is one way to improve/bring back spontaneous erections. Eating fish oils, and eating more fresh fish and combining it with a deep night sleep will also help you improve your erection rate.

Either taking a long walk or committing yourself to 30 minutes daily exercises to minimize your stress levels and to combine it with minimal masturbation helps keep your penile gland more sensitive. Finally, to achieve a rock solid erection; lower your alcohol intake and minimize smoking.

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