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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to Increase the Energy and Power of Your Erection

Our Western culture has focused - sometimes in excess and with concern - on penis size. The pornography industry shows dimensions that are not found in the vast majority of men. This concern about the penis size also existed in other periods of history; however, cultures like ancient Chinese, they were focused on strengthening the penis erection  and erections as a way to increase the sexual pleasure of the man and his partner and reduce unnecessary anxieties.

Taoist sexual practices are specially designed exercises to cultivate vital energy, including sexual, and improve sexual performance of men and women. The following exercises can be helpful to have a stronger erection throughout the intimate relationship as well as to enhance your male sexual energy and your level of desire.

As part of your program of sexual empowerment, remember to eat healthy and do physical exercise - including Kegel exercise, which will help to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Moreover, visit your doctor if you had any symptoms or condition of major health that needs to be treated. Start with few repetitions of each exercise and gradually augment your endurance level. The idea is to mobilize energy and also enjoy playing without producing exhaustion.

Massage testicles to cultivate sexual energy
This exercise allows you to generate and retrieve male sexual energy. Through this massage, testosterone production is increased, a sex hormone which is produced in the testes. It serves to revitalize the sexual energy, strengthen erections and relieve any pressure in the testes that might feel after intercourse. The Taoist Master Mantak Chia suggests the following steps:

·        First, rub your hands to warm and mobilize the healing energy on them.
·        With your index finger and thumb hold one of your testicles and massage gently but firmly at once, for one or two minutes. If you feel any pain continue with gentle massage until it disappears. Pain is a signal lock and massage helps bring energy and blood to that area, thereby prevent blocking. Then do the same with the other testicle.
·        Then, lift your penis and using middle finger gently tap your testicles for two minutes. This massage invigorates and increases sperm production.

·        Finally, hold your base of your penis and scrotum between your thumb and forefinger, and thrust forward, while pushing your pelvic muscles back. Then pull to the left as you run the pelvic muscles to the right, and vice versa. Finally pulling your penis and scrotum down, while directing your pelvic muscles up. It is recommended to repeat this sequence of exercises 9, 18 or 36 times. It also helps maintain healthy sperm ducts.

Hold weights to increase strength
This exercise is to hold small weights to increase erect penis strength. Attach two objects to your penis with a string of 10-12 inches: one at the base of the penis and another near the glans. Both objects must weigh a total of about 120 grams. It is suggested to do this weight lift for 20 to 40 times a day. You can increase a little weight as you increase your strength, but do not overdo or strain yourself too much. This is not a competition.

Achieve an iron-like erection
The following exercise is based on a practice engaged by Buddhist monks to strengthen their hands and to break bricks and wood with them. To make your penis stronger, fill a container with dry and soft sand. Cover your penis with a condom and then – once erect - dip it in the sand. Do it gently but firmly while avoiding rapid jerky movements that could cause injury to your penis. Start with 20 repetitions daily and increases gradually to perform 100 repetitions.

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