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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Great Sex Positions for A Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day might be a good few days away, but that doesn’t mean that you should think about it and prepare. Exchanging flowers, gifts and dining out are all but the norm, why not try out something different this time round?

How about spicing up your sex life? Below we take you through some easy but stimulating sex positions that you and your partner will love! Good sex positions can help you lasting longer in bed.

The Stuffer

Let’s focus on the one most loved and hated sex style, the missionary. Let’s funk this style up and make you fall in love with it. Allow your lady partner to lay down on the edge of the bed and have her legs straight up.
Now, the man should push the legs slightly on the side and start penetration from a standing position. Make sure the lady keeps the legs together to ensure that her vagina remains tight. The perfect place for the lacking extra sexual pleasure!

The Whip the Reindeer Position

Spice things up by throwing your lady on the back of the sofa or a penis level table. She should have her back up, her butt on the edge of the table/couch and her legs are dangling. Now grab tightly on her hips, let her bring her legs to your waist and pump her as if your dear life depended on it.
She will scream her way through to multiple orgasms, and you will be able to hold back your orgasm, and if you wish, you can synchronize your orgasms!

The Lead

A position that requires the lady to take the lead. Throw your man into a seat, lift up your dress and take out your panty. Now mount your man and slowly guide him inside you, your feet should be on the floor and lean in towards him.

When you are firmly in position, and he is deep inside, start giving him lap dances and gyrate in a manner that stimulates the both of you. Let him use his finger or toy to stimulate your clitoris or anus, receive extra pleasure! This will give you multiple intense orgasm.

The Toy Game

A tricky yet very fulfilling move. As the gent use a double on your woman. Get a vibrato that stimulates her vagina and clitoris at the same time, and then insert a but plug in her anus and use your free hand to fondle her breasts.
As for the lady, give your man a deep blowjob as you rub his balls, he is into it insert a but plug in his anus, the double portion pleasure brings a whole new meaning to position 69!

The Night Closer

As you wind up your Valentine’s Day evening, start undressing right from the front door. By the time you reach your bedroom you should be but naked. Tie her to the bed in doggy style and use a lot of lube for satisfying anal.

But first talk about it and make sure that she is willing to go ahead with the anal challenge! You are having rock hard erection by just thinking of anal sex, right? It will be excited 

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