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Monday, October 12, 2015

How to maintain a healthy sex life even when you are older?

There are many myths and prejudices when it comes to sex and people who are older than 50 or even 60. What is known for sure is that people can and want to have sex even when they are old and this is something that is completely natural. As a matter of fact, a healthy sex life in senior citizens can bring many health benefits – both for their physical and mental health. In other words, sex can extend their life expectancy. Now let’s see how exactly they can maintain a healthy sex life.

1.       Communication
This is the key to successful sex life not only in senior citizens, but in people of all ages. Although talking openly about sex is not something unusual today, older individuals come from times when sex was a taboo. Regardless of this fact, try to talk openly with your partner about your needs, problems and desires. A honest conversation and regular communication will help you bond and help you enjoy in intimacy and sex even more. This is very important in this period of your life when you are faced with many health problems. better sexual health

2.       Ask your doctor
Of course, there are situations in which talking to your partner is not enough to solve some problems related to your sex health. Talking about sexual problems with your doctor can help you in the maintenance of a healthy sex life while you are aging. An expert in this field can help you control your chronic condition and medications that can certainly affect your sex life. Older men usually have problems to maintain a hard erection and reaching orgasm. There are many different therapies that can solve this problem and your doctor will recommend a treatment that suits you the best.

3.       Learn more about sex
The sex act is only one of the ways to experience intimate pleasure and satisfaction. Cuddling, kissing and other physical contacts can be equally intense for you and your partner, so you should not give up on them. It is important to accept the fact that aging brings different sexual needs and possibilities. Be open in looking for new ways in enjoying sex and intimacy.

4.       Make some changes
Even small changes can improve your sexual life. For example, change your usual time reserved for sex with the one when you feel more energetic. For example, be involved in morning sex. This is usually the period when you should have the highest level of energy. Since both you and your partner need more time to get excited, take some time for preparation. Organize a romantic dinner. Try some new sex position in order to bond with your partner sexually and emotionally.

5.       Positive thinking
Don’t let the changes that come with the process of aging to turn you into less attractive individual who doesn’t enjoy sex. Feeling of anger, dissatisfaction or even depression can certainly have a negative impact on your sex life. erectile dysfunction treatment 

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