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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Overcoming Sexual Problems as We Age

Aging process is associated with many changes in our body that affect normal physiology of the body. In this article we will discuss some points that will help to overcome obstacles in enjoyable sex life.

1)   Sexual changes in women:
As we age, women are affected more as compared to men. There are also some positive aspects of aging for example you can enjoy sex without worrying about unwanted pregnancy after hysterectomy and post-menopausal. Some women worry about their gray hair and wrinkles which affect their sexual desire. Vaginal wall become thin, drier and more irritated with age because of reduction in hormone levels. Some women may also complain of post coital bleeding and pain due to micro tears which are formed because of friction during intercourse. These problems can be prevented by using over the counter lubricants.

2)   Sexual changes in men:
Men experience difficulty in maintain hard erection with age. The erection may not be as large or firm as they used to be and ejaculated amount is also less. Almost 65% men having age 65 years reported to have erectile dysfunction commonly due to some underlying pathology such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension.

3)   Arthritis:
Arthritis is the inflammation of the joints that makes sexual intimacy uncomfortable. Try to use pain killers, heat and take warm bath. Different positions may also alleviate pain. Consult your doctor if the pain is severe.

4)   Chronic Pain:
Any condition that leads to chronic pain severely affect your sexual desire. Conditions such as musculoskeletal disorders, vascular diseases may lead to sleep problems, depression and difficult mobility. All these conditions affect your sexual relationship.

5)   Diabetes:
Diabetes is a common cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Women having diabetes my experience dryness of vagina, decreased sexual desire and painful intercourse. You can prevent these symptoms with regular exercise, medications and healthy diet.

6)    Bladder dysfunction:
Old people usually complain of incontinence due to poor control of sphincters, overactive bladder and urinary tract infections. During sex, the pressure on bladder increases which cause incontinence, a problem that makes many avoid sex.

7)   Surgery:
Stress related to any kind of surgery can cause decreased libido. Usually the complications of surgery that affect libido are short term and the person can continue normal sex even after the genital surgery.

8)   Mastectomy:
The breast cancer incidence increases with age. Many women having breast cancer history needs to undergo mastectomy to reduce the chances of breast cancer. Though mastectomy don’t affect sexual mechanisms but still women may lose feeling of being desirable which decreases libido.

9)   Prostatectomy:

Like breast cancer in women, prostate cancer is very common in old age males. The affected males may develop recurrent urinary bleeding, urinary tract infection and may lead to renal failure. These conditions require surgery. Following the surgery, a men may develop erectile dysfunction. Consult your surgeon and ask about options to save the nerve that is responsible for erection, else may need to treat impotent after surgery.

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