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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Better Genitalia For Men

Unfortunately, men from around the world seem to suffer from poor genitalia health epidemic that is on the increase. Studies show that European men now produce less than 50% live semen than it was the case some forty years ago.

Today, up to 44% of forty-year-old men and 55% of fifty-year-old men suffer from either occasional or chronic erectile dysfunction. It’s nowadays, common knowledge that men from across the world are today producing low testosterone level that it was the case some four decades ago.

Testosterone is a masculine hormone created in the ball sack (testicles). Its main role is to maintain muscle size and condition, better sexual capabilities including the determination and firmness of masculine characters.

Testosterone is necessary when it comes to maintaining memory in both middle-aged and men that are older. Almost all men in their sixties suffer from prostate overgrowth and out of six men one develops prostate cancer.

Such statistics scares the hell out of middle-aged men, and it's rather unfortunate that these are ailments that are becoming commonplace today thanks to the modern way of life that we are living. Before the introduction of briefs, men’s’ genitalia enjoyed a free and cool environment, allowing movement and free flow of blood circulation.

Unfortunately today, the modern clothes that we wear combined with poor nutrition and a great deal of time spent sitting down, the circulatory system under these conditions leads to lessened healthy metabolism in the genital region.

That said; is there something that we can do for our genitals? Fortunate there is…

Clothes That We Wear

Modern trousers worn today are extremely tight and too dense. These are clothes that become tighter when you sit down. Today, the penis and testicles are deprived freedom to hang and feel cool as they move with the movement of your thighs.

Healthwise free movement is critically important. When you are home, make sure that you put on minimum clothing that allows your penis and testicles move about without any restrictions. Trousers and underwear comprise of seam in the middle that tightens when you seat.

The clothes you wear determine your genital size and also the time you will last in bed. To make sure that you are getting the best of your clothes, put on free boxer shorts and loose pants.

When you are at home, or your work allows it, put on free clothes such as sweat pants and your genital area will function as it is supposed to.

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