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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Getting Rid Of ED and Maintaining Hard Erection

The art of making love is when as a man you are in a position of giving your woman great sexual pleasure seeing to it that she has an orgasm at-least twice every session. Now that we have that out of the way, it is also important for you as a man that you achieve sexual climax as well to crown the session.

Unfortunately, over 60% of men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). This means that they are unable to satisfy their partners since they ejaculate before or after entering the vagina.
To help you get rid of the soft erection and premature ejaculation, we have lined up two mind blowing tricks that will help you get rid of premature ejaculation and maintain hard erection…

Prolong the Staying Power
Well over 90% of men reach orgasm before their lady sexual partners achieve their orgasm. But this doesn’t have to be so as a man, you have the ability of holding back your own climax to a point where your lovely lady reaches her orgasm and also build up to a stronger, harder and pleasurable orgasm yourself. Here are the idea soft erection treatment processes…

·         You should refrain from paying too much attention to sensations that envelop your genitalia as you enjoy the love making session.

·         Instead lay focus on the way pleasure feels and how it is surging all through your body.
·         The instance you sense that you are about to reach an orgasm, stop pumping for a moment and start thrusting slowly

To make sure that you get back on point, switch to pleasuring your lady friend orally. This is an act all women love and one that will allow you to breath in, relax and lower your arousal to a point where you can start thrusting again. Repeat this process until when you believe that you want to have your orgasm.

Hold in Your orgasm

The point you reach ejaculation, you will start feeling involuntary contractions in the pelvis area. Before this point occurs, it is wise to start squeezing the PC muscles and do your best to hold in ejaculation so long as you can.

The PC muscle doubles up as the same muscle that disrupts the flow of urine. After having achieved an orgasm, hold it back intentionally. This act will help you enjoy extreme pleasure when you release it finally.

TIP: Mastering the two tips is the best soft erection treatment you will ever need.

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