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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Maintain Hard Erection

A famous Doctor loves reminding his patients that no penis is an Island. Were it an island, you would be tempted to regard it as a hot spot perhaps in the Caribbean-Calm and tranquility at day time, but an activity filled night time since it would sum up as the destination of continuous rotation of half-naked coeds…

If we were to go back to geography class, it is wise to conclude that your penis is an extension of the body which shares a supply of oxygen, blood as well as a host of nutrients together with the rest of your organs in the body.

It further goes to mean that when a natural disaster hits the mainland, your penis will be affected since it is a protruding landmass. Erectile dysfunction is an early diagnosis warning sign that you can use ED as a means of predicting a heart attack by decades.

Medical practitioners suggest that erectile dysfunction results from damaged smaller arteries in the penis by cardiovascular diseases. This means that unfortunately, Viagra, Levitra and Cialis just mask the problem instead of fixing it.

The most important thing to maintain hard erection is to take adequate steps that will help you safeguard your sex life and you will never see the need of popping Viagra or any other type of aid to help you with your erections.

Many doctors always advice their patients to go natural. Below are some of the natural things you can do to improve your erections naturally…

Blackberry Jam Spread: seems unorthodox yes? Well relax as hear what medics have to say; dark fruits such as blackberries, elder berries and bilberries all carry high levels of ultra-powerful, anthocyanin antioxidants which have the ability of acting as an erection insurance.

Be Advised: The ability of your penis to rise to accession is dependent on the availability of nitric oxide; this is a blood-vessel-dilating chemical. After the attack of free radicals in your penis the levels of nitric oxide subsides. The aim of anthocyanin is to attack these free radicals.

Quite Smoking: The more you light up a cigarette, the higher the chances that you increase your risk of heart disease, bladder cancer, and stroke and lung cancer. Smoking leads to arterial damage tripling a man’s erectile dysfunction.

Put that cigarette down, do a lot of exercises and eat a healthy diet to maintain hard erections.

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