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Monday, November 24, 2014

What is the Relationship between Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Disease?

Erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease may be related, and one of the main explanations for this is the reason that leads to vascular problems which are the same that cause disruptions in the erection process. Understanding the relationship between these two conditions is essential to prevent more serious consequences, such as healthy heart failure, in the same way as the treatment of cardiovascular problems can thus help improve the quality of erections and allow a fulfilling and satisfactory sexual life.

What are the main cardiovascular problems that cause erectile dysfunction?

Atherosclerosis: Atherosclerosis is characterized by hardening of the arteries by the deposition of atheromatous plaques in their walls. The deposition of these plaques in the arteries hinders blood circulation, mainly in arteries of small penis, making it difficult to fill the corpus cavernosum of the penis during sexual stimulation. The erection process is so difficult, such as the circulation of blood through the remaining parts of the body. Atherosclerosis raises the risk of cardiovascular problems such as other aneurysm, stroke and peripheral artery disease.

Hypertension: Hypertension is characterized by excessive pressure on the artery walls which can ultimately lead to its damage. In the arteries of the penis in particular, hypertension can lead to these burst, preventing sufficient blood to reach the penis and thereby fail to achieve hard erection. On the other hand, some drugs used in the treatment of hypertension can lead to problems with erection. Among these drugs include beta-blockers and thiazides, although its effects at the level of erectile dysfunction do not affect all men who take them.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction caused by cardiovascular disorders

Before treating erectile dysfunction specifically, a medical evaluation that would show that the problem of erectile dysfunction is related to heart disease must be made. After this finding, treatment can be administered to cardiovascular problems. If your doctor tells you and find it necessary, you may have to adopt a plan of treatment based only on changes in lifestyle, such as weight loss, exercise, diet among others. The treatment, whether or not using drug, not only improves cardiovascular problems and reduces the risk of more serious complications, but also improves the quality of your erections. In the case of this form of treatment is not sufficient, can be shown specific treatments for erectile dysfunction, which allow men to regain their sexual life.

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